Custom Mobile App Development

Cogniteq provides full-cycle custom mobile app development services - from early conception stage to UI/UX design, app development and support. Our clients trust Cogniteq with developing their apps from scratch and update of the existing products.

Native and cross-platform mobile app development

Based on the project needs, target audience, app functionality and the budget Cogniteq mobile developers can consult and develop either native applications or using one of the cross-platform technologies.

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    iOS app development

    Our iOS developers can build a wide range of applications not only for iPhone and iPad but also for other devices from Apple ecosystems such as Apple TV and Apple Watch.

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    Android app development

    Cogniteq has been delivering Android applications since the very first release of platform. Our QA engineers make sure the apps perform and look the same on all the diversity of Android devices.

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    Cross-platform app development

    To achieve quick delivery of MVP and the fastest time-to-market we provide cross-platform app development. We focus on React Native, Flutter and Xamarin app development.

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Why build custom mobile apps with Cogniteq

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    Great scalability
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    High-security standards
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    Integration of novel technologies
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    Cross-device compatibility
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    Unique UI/UX design
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    Meeting app marketplace guidlines

Custom mobile app development for various business domains

Our mobile developers have a deep understanding of the specifics of particular industries. Profound domain knowledge coupled with observance of market trends allow us to deliver custom mobile application solutions that meet business goals and provide value to end users.

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    Education app development

    Cogniteq mobile team builds custom B2B and B2C eLearning apps. The courses and materials provided can be available either online or offline. The AI, VR, chatbots and gamification solutions that we develop make the educational process interactive, engaging and efficient.

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    Healthcare app development

    Cogniteq builds custom mobile apps for healthcare institutions to assist doctors in diagnostics and treatment, administration and organizational issues. The IoT solutions that we develop are used in telemedicine and allow real-time secure data exchange with medical equipment of various types.

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    Sports mobile app development

    In accordance with our clients’ needs Cogniteq creates custom mobile apps that monitor different sports updates, schedules, game reports. The AI features analyze sports data to make predictions of game outcomes. We also build advanced wearable health and fitness apps powered by AI and IoT technologies.

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    Mobile banking app development

    When it comes to apps for the finance industry we always focus on the issues of security of user finances and data. Our mobile engineers can develop complex products with an extended range of features as well as simple apps for daily transactions.

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    Social networking app development

    We create user-friendly social media apps that correspond to emerging market trends. Live streaming, VR/AR, messaging functionality and content sharing contribute to user experience.

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What makes our custom mobile application solutions stand out

Cogniteq explores market trends and integrates innovative technologies in the mobile products. We can develop solutions of high level of complexity that meet the most stringent regulations and industry standards.

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    Machine Learning in mobile apps

    Following the client needs our experts build apps with a wide range of ML-based features - chatbots, voice & image recognition tools and fully personalized content that enhances user satisfaction significantly.

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    IoT applications development

    We build apps that turn a mobile phone into a remote controller, a health checkup device or a switch for smart home systems. Our focus on security of data exchange between the devices in the system is always a top priority.

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    Augmented Reality app development

    The AR/VR solutions we offer take user experience to a whole new level. They include features for gesture and facial expressions recognition, augmented maps, 3D environment modeling, etc. AR tools that add graphics and videos to the physical world can become a part of the unique solution including apps for learning and entertainment.

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    Video streaming mobile app development

    The use of modern streaming technologies and protocols allows us to ensure the high-performance video broadcasting and real-data messages exchange. The integration of such functionality in the apps lets user engage in video-on-demand purchases or communicate with other peers by means of voice and video.