iOS app for remote control of household appliances EnvirOn

  • Client:
    Pretorian Technologies, UK
  • Request:
    Develop an iOS app for remote control of smart home devices.
  • Result:
    EnvirOn has become one of the best disability-friendly apps.
  • iOS Technologies:
    • Xcode
    • Swift
    • CocoaPods
    • MVC
    • Universal App
    • Core Bluetooth
    • Core Data
    • Accessibility
    • Remote and Local
    • Notifications


The project was initiated by Pretorian Technologies, a UK-based company engaged in developing and manufacturing assistive products for people with disabilities.

With so many people affected by disabilities around the world, it comes as no surprise that Pretorian Technologies is constantly trying to improve their livelihoods. The company has developed a series of hubs that connect with all smart home appliances and give the owner full command of them by providing remote access. The company also needed to develop a special app to manage and securely control the hubs.

The EnvirOn app allows people with disabilities to control all their smart home devices from an iPad or iPhone.

The Cogniteq team was entrusted with this project because we have worked together before and have proven our professional reputation and deep expertise in developing complicated apps.

Our task was to build an iOS app and develop all the necessary functionality.


The EnvirOn app is designed to be the best and easiest way to operate any device you might have in your home, including TVs, music systems, lights, kitchen appliances, door locks, wireless light switches, or remote controls.

  • Working Principle.
    The way EnvirOn works is exceptionally simple: the app uses Bluetooth to connect to hubs that link devices on a home automation network and control communications among them. Thus, the app gives you easy, fast, and secure access to your household appliances.

    Hubs provide seamless communication between iPhone / iPad and smart home devices.

    Hence, users need to purchase some Pretorian Technologies’ hardware to exploit the EnvirOn app. At least, it is required to buy the EnvirOn Hub. Depending on their needs, users can enjoy some other items from the EnvirOn product line.
  • UI.
    The Cogniteq team ensured user convenience by developing a well-thought-out UI and the simplest possible control of the functionality.
  • Device Icons.
    We designed a perfect navigation bar with the ability of flexible configuration of connected devices icons. Users can:
    • Choose the icons they would like to have on the screen.
    • Select the color of each button or add an image from the built-in library.
    • Take photos of the devices using the iPhone or iPad camera and overlay the photo on the icon.
  • Navigation Capabilities.
    Hub grants users access to app functions using iOS Switch Control through APPlicator or iSwitch devices connected via Bluetooth.
  • Connection.
    EnvirOn does not require Wi-Fi to work. It means the app can be used anywhere, for instance, at schools, healthcare institutions, etc.


  • image
    EnvirOn has become one of the best disability-friendly apps.
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    The app has helped our client bring EnvirOn Hub hardware to the disabled assistive devices market.