Mobile app for tracking assets in emergency vehicles Inplemno

  • Client:
    Hardware producer, United Kingdom
  • Request:
    To build an Android app for facilitating inventory management in emergency vehicles.
  • Result:
    Our team developed an IoT mobile application for tracking assets in emergency vehicles.
  • Technologies:
    • Kotlin
    • Compose
    • Compose Navigation
    • Koin
    • Room
    • MPAndroidChart (v3.1.0)
    • Glide


In this project, our client was a hardware manufacturer that produces various lighting solutions, and a key area of the company’s specialization is products for emergency vehicles. Client hoped to extend the range of products they could offer to the target audience.

The company wanted to introduce a solution that would allow users to track assets in emergency vehicles with the help of Android smartphones and Bluetooth LE beacons. The main goal of this app was to make inventory management for emergency service staff as simple and quick as possible. The task for our developers was to build a mobile application that would help test the feasibility of this idea. The client needed to check the app’s technical capacities and estimate its usefulness for the target audience.


We built a mobile app that allows users to track assets using beacons that are continuously sending heartbeat signals to it. The signal strength is displayed on users’ smartphones.

  • List of vehicles.
    A user can view the list of added vehicles, select one, and get access to the list of assets in this vehicle. It is also possible to add, edit, and delete vehicles.
  • List of assets.
    When the vehicle is selected, it is possible to view the list of assigned assets, including their names, images, descriptions, and statuses (inside, outside, indeterminate).
  • Asset history.
    On the history tab, a user can view the signal strength history of the asset in the form of a graph. The history contains details on signal strength and time for the past 10 minutes. The data is updated in real-time.
  • Scan for Bluetooth devices.
    This feature lets users scan all discoverable Bluetooth devices (beacons or other devices like smartphones).


  • result
    Our team rolled out a feature-rich app, all according to the requirements we set by working together with the client.
  • result
    At the moment, the project is in the closed beta stage - we are continuing our polishing of the app and are gradually introducing new functionality based on the feedback received during testing.