UK Dining & Restaurants Guide App Waitrose‌

  • Client:
    Waitrose & Partners, UK
  • Request:
    Develop an iOS-based app for recommending the best places to dine in the UK.
  • Result:
    One of the top apps for foodies in the UK with over 1,200 reviews and descriptions of over 350 restaurants across the country.
  • iOS Technologies:
    • Xcode
    • Swift
    • Cocoapods
    • MVVM
    • RxSwift
    • CoreData
    • MapKit
    • CoreLocation


Cogniteq had an opportunity to work with Waitrose & Partners, the British food retail chain. Since the 1950s the company is widely known for The Good Food Guide, its annual guidebook to the best restaurants in the United Kingdom.

The Good Food Guide is updated annually. Waitrose & Partners encourages readers, food bloggers, and restaurant critics to visit the hottest spots, evaluate them on a specific rating system, and write a review. Over seventy years, The Good Food Guide has become a state-of-art guide to truly exemplary eateries with reliable reviews, a scoring system, and the latest information.

Besides the guide, the company has launched a website where users can both submit a review or look through the list of the top restaurants and other users' reviews for free to discover the best around them.

Recently, Waitrose & Partners has decided to focus on building an iOS app for The Good Food Guide. They expected Cogniteq to develop an ultra-modern app that helps users navigate among the best places for dining out across the UK.


The Cogniteq team has created a native app for iOS. Waitrose Good Food Guide is a comprehensive catalog of the UK's finest restaurants: from elegant and trendsetting spots to the quirkiest pubs and cafes and everything in between.

  • Content.
    The app contains the entire list of restaurants from The Good Food Guide. It also includes numerous reviews, maps, ratings, and the latest updates on the culinary establishments.
  • Reviews.
    One of the key features of the app is the ability to leave a public review. The app allows users to rate any restaurant and enter a text review without registering or logging in. Once a review is written, anyone can read it for free.
  • Expert Opinion.
    The app contains a mix of amateur ratings, as well as anonymous reviews from food critics and restaurant inspectors. Users can also enjoy reading the interviews with celebrity British chefs.
  • Search.
    The built-in map assists food lovers in search of the go-to destination by its location or name. The nearby search function helps find an eatery just around the corner.
  • Contacts.
    The app provides users with accurate and detailed information about each place, including complete contact information.
  • Book Review.
    The Good Food Guide’s entire review is laid out in the app as well.
  • Project Development.
    Every year the content of the Waitrose Good Food Guide app is refreshed with new reviews and expert assessments to give restaurant-goers the best experience.


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    The app has become extremely popular in the UK. It already contains over 1,200 unbiased reviews and descriptions of over 350 culinary establishments.
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    According to user reviews, the app is an excellent guide to the best eateries in the UK.