Fitness app development services

For over a decade, our team has been delivering cutting-edge software solutions powered by innovative solutions that can fully transform fitness experiences for users. Today, Cogniteq is known as a reliable fitness app development company that can cope with projects of varying complexity. We always do our best to deeply understand the requirements of our clients and build apps that go far beyond their expectations.

Fitness apps we can build for you

  • Nutrition apps

    Nutrition apps

    Thanks to these applications, users can better understand how to compose a healthy menu. With AI-powered features, your app will be able to create unique diets based on the needs and preferences of each user.

  • Activity tracking apps

    Activity tracking apps

    As a rule, these mobile apps are connected to wearable devices that are able not only to calculate steps but also evaluate other activities; track vitals such as heart rate; and monitor the quality of sleep.

  • Applications for fitness clubs

    Applications for fitness clubs

    These solutions can transform the way fitness clubs build interaction with clients. Using an app, users can pay for their memberships, plan training sessions and fitness classes, and gain access to various bonuses.

  • Workout and exercise apps

    Workout and exercise apps

    Such applications can enhance the training experience for every person. Online individual or group classes, pre-recorded videos with training sessions, and personalized programs will allow users to get higher satisfaction and results.

  • Smart equipment apps

    Smart equipment apps

    These software products let users easily interact with smart fitness equipment like smart fitness machines, weight trainers, and others. Such apps accumulate and process valuable user data for offering personalized programs and equipment settings.

  • Yoga & meditation apps

    Yoga & meditation apps

    By launching an application of this type, you will offer users absolutely new yoga and meditation experiences. You can add yoga classes for beginners, advanced practices, and various meditations that will help users deal with anxiety and stress.

  • Apps for disease management

    Apps for disease management

    These apps are built for people with chronic diseases and help them track their symptoms, medications, and appointments. It’s also useful to add tools for scanning documents, uploading files, and accumulating various medical data.

  • Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Apps

    Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Apps

    Our expertise extends to creating applications that aid in the rehabilitation and physical therapy journey. These apps are designed to assist users in recovering from injuries or surgeries, offering guided exercises and progress tracking to help individuals regain their mobility and strength efficiently.

Features of fitness applications

Our capabilities encompass, but are not limited to, incorporating these features into your fitness application.

  • Personal account
    Personal account

    Here, users will be able to indicate not only some personal details, but also their preferences, goals, and possible risks to their health.

  • Activity tracking
    Activity tracking

    This feature will help users monitor how their physical activity is changing throughout a chosen time period. It can become a motivator to walk and exercise more.

  • Wearable device integration
    Wearable device integration

    Thanks to connecting wearables to their applications, users get access to valuable insights about their vitals, quality of sleep, and physical activity.

  • Personalized workout plans
    Personalized workout plans

    AI-powered functionality will create unique workout programs based on the skills, physical state, well-being, and set goals of each user.

  • Challenges and achievements
    Challenges and achievements

    In this section, users can choose various goals to achieve within a chosen period as well as track their progress.

  • Diet plans
    Diet plans

    Healthy nutrition is crucial for keeping fit. You can enrich your app with a feature that will compose personalized menus for users.

  • Video training sessions
    Video training sessions

    You can add to your app a series of video lessons targeted for users with various skill levels and preferences.

  • Live streaming
    Live streaming

    This cutting-edge functionality will let users join conferences in real-time and participate in online group training sessions.

  • Online chats
    Online chats

    Social features boast high popularity, as they make it possible for people to connect with other fitness lovers who have similar interests.

  • Push notifications
    Push notifications

    An app can remind users of the necessity to walk more, to attend a fitness class, etc. It’s important to make this feature customizable.

Benefits of our fitness app development services

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    Deep understanding of the specifics of the fitness field
  • briefcase icon
    Multi-year experience working in the industry
  • cpu icon
    Use of the most innovative technologies (AI, ML, VR/AR, IoT)
  • treeStructure icon
    Transparency and visibility of workflow
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    Full-cycle development services in one place
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    Flexible engagement models

The fitness software development process

  • 1. Project discussion

    After receiving an inquiry, our experts carefully study it and schedule a call with a customer. During this call, we need to discuss the peculiarities of the future product, its goals, and the customer’s expectations. We explain how our workflow is organized and discuss what services we can offer.

  • 2. Discovery stage

    This stage of a fitness mobile app development project is devoted to collecting information about the product concept and its target audience. At the end of this stage, we are ready to provide our customer with the project’s vision and scope, tech specifications, a detailed development plan, and estimates.

  • 3. UI/UX design

    Based on the prepared requirements, our designers will create prototypes to make it easier to demonstrate the app’s interfaces to a client. Today it is very important to build an application that will be easy to interact with and pleasant to look at.

  • 4. Software development

    This step traditionally includes a lot of coding work. Our fitness app developers have outstanding practical skills that allow them to find the right approaches to solving even the most complicated tasks.

  • 5. Quality 

    For us, it’s of crucial importance to deliver bug-free apps that function just as they are supposed to. That’s why we always conduct tests of various types, to detect and address all vulnerabilities as soon as possible.

  • 6. Release and maintenance

    When everything is ready and both we and our client are satisfied with the result, the solution will be launched into production. However, even after deployment, we will be ready to provide our professional help, track the performance of the app, deal with any detected issues, update the product, and enhance it in accordance with users’ feedback.

Tech stack used by our fitness app development company

  • Programming languages and frameworks
  • Databases
  • Cloud technologies

Programming languages and frameworks

Swift Swift
Java Java
Kotlin Kotlin
Laraval Laraval
Flutter Flutter
Python Python
React.JS React.JS
Node.JS Node.JS
React Native React Native
TypeScript TypeScript
.Net .Net
php PHP


Cassandra Cassandra
MongoDB MongoDB
MariaDB MariaDB
 Azure Azure:


Cosmos DB

Data Lake

Blob Storage









Clickhouse Clickhouse
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
InfluxDB InfluxDB



Cloud Storage

Mobile Mobile:





Cloud technologies

Google Cloud Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure


Is it expensive to build a fitness app?

Your project costs will be calculated based on the requirements you provide to the fitness app developers. It is important to take into account factors such as the chosen tech stack, the desired functionality, integrations, the size of the team, and the estimated time needed to build your solution.

What features should I include in my fitness app?

The exact set of features needed in your app will be determined when you clearly know the goals of your product and its target audience. Depending on the exact type of app you choose, it may include personalized training plans, online sessions with coaches, goal-setting tools, connectivity with wearables, social sharing, and other functions.

How can I make money with a fitness app?

There are various options for monetizing fitness software. The easiest way to make money is to establish cooperation with advertisers who will promote their brands via your app. Other approaches include paid subscriptions, the freemium model, and affiliate marketing.

If I want to allow in-app purchases and in-app advertising, can you help me?

As a company that provides fitness app development services, we can not only build software solutions from scratch but also enrich existing applications with new functionality. It doesn’t matter whether you already have a fitness app or are only now planning to create one. We can develop all the required tools for it, including those that will allow you to add in-app advertising and sell various items or services directly via your application. 

How much time does fitness software development take?

The time needed to realize your project will depend on a wide range of factors, including the size of the team responsible for creating your solution and the complexity of features that should be built. On average, it takes around 3-9 months to develop a fitness app.