IoT Application Development Services

Our experience with solutions that entail work in tandem with external devices and complex ecosystems allows us to excel in delivering state-of-the-art smart IoT applications and superior functionality for our clients' products. Complete data security, compliance with industry standards and excellent scalability distinguish Cogniteq in the market as a reliable IoT development company.

IoT Development Services that We Offer

Our team provides custom IoT development services across various industries, helping you achieve business goals, optimize processes, and enhance work safety.

chat icon IoT consulting

With a deep understanding of the complexities of IoT projects, our experienced team provides invaluable insights and guidance to navigate potential pitfalls. We offer to use our 15-year expertise to ensure your IoT initiatives are executed efficiently and effectively.

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wi-fi icon IoT application development services

From concept to deployment, we specialize in crafting custom IoT projects that seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, enhancing efficiency and connectivity.

rocket icon MVP development

Our seasoned business analysts assist clients in defining essential features for MVP. This collaborative approach facilitates quick user feedback and cost optimization, enabling efficient validation of your IoT solution's viability while maximizing its potential.

iconAt Cogniteq, we excel in offering end-to-end hardware engineering services, guiding clients through every stage of product development. Leveraging our ample resources and in-house expertise, we empower businesses to confidently drive growth and expansion initiatives. Hardware development

At Cogniteq, we excel in offering end-to-end hardware engineering services, guiding clients through every stage of product development. Leveraging our ample resources and in-house expertise, we empower businesses to confidently drive growth and expansion initiatives.

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icon IoT Modernization

We excel in updating IoT solutions to align with evolving market demands, enhancing platform infrastructure, architecture, and features. Leveraging cloud-based services, we ensure seamless integration and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

icon Maintenance and Support

Cogniteq IoT development team offers ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the smooth operation of your IoT solution, addressing any issues promptly to minimize disruptions.

Approaches to IoT Development at Cogniteq

Choosing Cogniteq as your IoT app development company will strengthen your product’s competitive advantage and appeal to users. Our top priority is ensuring the security of the solution itself and the data it will handle. Our QA team ensures conformity to your quality standards and a high level of user experience.

Our IoT app developers use cutting-edge technologies to guarantee compliance with industry standards and regulations. This makes our products flexible and easily applicable to any enterprise system. Though the integration of IoT solutions may be a challenge for a business, our task is to make digital transformation straightforward and efficient for you.

Step-by-step process in IoT software development services 

  • Kickoff meeting
    1. Kickoff meeting
  • Project start
    2. Project start
  • Final and stabilization testing
    3. Final and stabilization testing
  • Client acceptance
    4. Client acceptance
  • Project delivery
    5. Project delivery
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Our goal is not limited to building a functioning IoT application; we want to create a solution that brings real value. We aspire to achieve the business objectives of our clients so that they get high ROI on the IoT work Cogniteq delivered.
Andrei Kastsiuk
CTO, Lead IoT expert in Cogniteq

Advantages of IoT App Development Services at Cogniteq

  • benefit image
    Focus on IoT security and privacy of customer data
  • benefit image
    Use of modular IoT architecture that ensures high scalability
  • benefit image
    Possibility to integrate our IoT solutions with your existing systems
  • benefit image
    Wide range of technologies and platforms used
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    Cloud- and data center-powered apps
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    Full-cycle IoT development services in one place

The Scope of IoT Development Services at Cogniteq

Cogniteq team strongly believes that our key goal is to provide solutions that work and benefit the users. We always focus on finding the most appropriate ways to meet individual business requirements with the most cutting-edge technologies on the market.
Our IoT app development services are not limited to one business sphere. We work with companies and organizations of different types and sizes and offer Internet of Things solutions for various industries.

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    Supply chain management platforms

    Cogniteq specialists create custom-tailored IoT development solutions that provide a broad range of functionality; they can track the location of goods, monitor the way they are being stored and delivered, as well as detect and solve any related issues. We always take into account the peculiarities of the business to offer the most efficient smart solutions for the enterprise.

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    Smart environments

    Smart homes and cities are becoming a reality. IoT development for smart automation solutions makes the lives of the users more comfortable and safe. We establish close cooperation with all stakeholders to develop a solution that reflects their ideas and contributions.

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    Connected products

    We have experience in building comprehensive IoT platforms that unite a set of products. Connected (smart) products can form a single network and be fully controllable via web and mobile applications. Then, thanks to data analytics, you can easily understand how your business processes can be further optimized.

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    IoT & wearables solutions

    IoT technologies and tools make it feasible to achieve full connectivity of numerous devices as well as secure data exchange between them. Real-time synchronization, and the added value provided by many features of wearable devices, contribute to a better user experience.

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    Industrial IoT systems

    Our clients include manufacturing companies, OEMs and warehouses. We build solutions for businesses that aspire to increase capacity and automate their internal processes. These industrial IoT development projects demand a high level of security and reliability.

  • IoT mobile apps

    IoT mobile apps

    Our developers create feature-rich mobile applications integrated into IoT ecosystems. These solutions ensure the possibility of managing and monitoring various data, hardware, equipment and devices, brought together into a single network. Coupled with wireless technology, our mobile IoT app solutions provide remote access to connected devices and optimize company operations and processes.

  • IoT solutions for pets

    IoT solutions for pets

    IoT applications have raised the standard of living of pets and the communication between pets and their owners to a completely new level. Demand for pet tech solutions is constantly increasing. At Cogniteq, developers have rich expertise in building software of this type that brings real value to users.

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IoT hardware development

Utilizing our proficiency in embedded processing, sensor integration, and both wireless and wired communication technologies, we create intricate embedded systems.

  • Rapid prototyping (PoC)
    Rapid prototyping (PoC)

    This involves the creation of a Proof-of-Concept, encompassing the development of initial prototypes to demonstrate feasibility and assess manufacturability. Additionally, it includes conducting tests on key features to validate their functionality and performance.

  • Industrial design
    Industrial design

    This field encompasses activities like creating design sketches, analyzing competitors' products, considering ergonomics, and utilizing solid and surface modeling techniques.

  • Design for manufacturing
    Design for manufacturing

    This area covers processes like injection molding, shaping and welding metal components, CNC machining, as well as wiring and assembling components for production.

  • Electrical Engineering
    Electrical Engineering

    Tasks within electrical engineering involve tasks such as designing and prototyping printed circuit boards (PCBs), programming programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for industrial automation, working on power factor (PF) design, and developing Battery Management Systems (BMS).

  • Mechanical Design
    Mechanical Design

    Mechanical design involves working with metal structures, designing drives, gearboxes, and suspension units, dealing with pneumatics and hydraulics systems, and handling robotics and intricate kinematics.

  • Firmware Development
    Firmware Development

    In firmware development, activities consist of creating algorithms and signal processing techniques, focusing on low-energy operation, implementing edge computing, and designing Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

IoT Technologies and Tools we use

  • Protocols & Standards
  • Cloud IoT
  • Connectivity
  • API
  • Database
  • Data processing

Protocols & Standards

iBeacon iBeacon
Modbus Modbus
ZigBee ZigBee
Z-Wave Z-Wave
http, HTTPS http, HTTPS
Cellular 2G,3G,4G,5G Cellular 2G,3G,4G,5G
CoAp CoAp

Cloud IoT

Flespi Flespi

IoT Core

IoT SiteWise

IoT Analytics

IoT Events

IoT FleetWise


IoT CoreP

Azure Azure:

IoT Hub

IoT Edge

IoT Central


Bluetooth Bluetooth
IoT gateway IoT gateway
 4g LTE 4g LTE
Ethernet Ethernet


Protobuf Protobuf
Graph QL Graph QL


Cassandra Cassandra
MongoDB MongoDB
MariaDB MariaDB
 Azure Azure:


Cosmos DB

Data Lake

Blob Storage









Clickhouse Clickhouse
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
InfluxDB InfluxDB



Cloud Storage

Mobile Mobile:





Data processing

 Spark Spark
Airflow Airflow



Step Functions


Hadoop Hadoop
Azure Azure:






What are IoT development services?

IoT development services refer to the services provided to create and implement customized solutions for IoT devices. These services include designing and developing IoT software, integrating IoT devices, and managing the IoT ecosystem.

What are the examples of IoT services?

IoT is used in the creation of a smart home and cities, in industrial automation, healthcare monitoring, and transportation systems. Activity trackers, home and industrial security, motion detection, traffic management are examples of IoT products.

How much does it cost to develop an IoT app?

On average, prices for IoT app development start from $15,000 for the MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) of your solution. Prices for an end-to-end IoT app solution can vary widely depending on various factors such as app complexity, functionality, UI/UX, types of IoT devices, number of integrations, etc.

How to develop a mobile app for IoT?

1) Discovery or BA Phase (Requirements elicitation)

2) Choosing the right devices/ hardware.

3) Choosing the connectivity protocol.

4) UI/UX

5) App Development

6) QA

7) Deployment and performance monitorin

Why choose Cogniteq as an IoT app development company?

Complete data security, compliance with industry standards and excellent scalability distinguish Cogniteq in the market as a reliable IoT development company. Our experts take your business needs and requirements as key priorities and share our knowledge and expertise with you.

What industries can benefit from Internet of Things (IoT) app development services?

IoT app development benefits numerous industries, including healthcare, where it enables remote patient monitoring and improved care. In manufacturing, IoT optimizes production through real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance. Agriculture leverages IoT for smart farming, enhancing crop yields and resource efficiency. Transportation and logistics use IoT for fleet management and route optimization, while smart homes and buildings gain enhanced automation and security.

How can I ensure the security of my IoT devices and data?

To secure IoT infrastructure, devices, and data, use strong authentication methods and encrypt data both in transit and at rest. Regularly update IoT device firmware and software to patch vulnerabilities. Implement network segmentation to isolate IoT devices from critical systems. Use access controls and monitor devices continuously for suspicious activity.