Case logo IoT application for smart GPS dog collars Dog Tracker Nano

  • Client:
    UK producer of smart collars for dogs
  • Request:
    Development of a highly functional and easy-to-use mobile iOS/Android app for smart GPS dog collars.
  • Result:
    Significantly improved satisfaction and loyalty of Dog Tracker Nano customers and consequent sales growth.
  • Technologies:
    • Java
    • SQLite
    • osmdroid
    • OkHttp


Our client requested to develop an application to complement smart GPS collars. Dogs may get lost in unfamiliar surroundings during a walk or run away from their owners. A smart collar will track the dog's location and monitor its activity.

The client hoped to achieve its business goal of driving sales of their Dog Tracker Nano smart GPS collars. By the time the company had already had a basic version of the app paired with the collar to control the pet. However, the Dog App needed to be redesigned to increase its functionality, usability, and technology.

Cogniteq was assigned as supplier due to our extensive experience in native mobile app development, particularly in the Internet of Things.

Our ultimate goal was to redesign the Dog Tracker Nano mobile app to provide full native performance on both Android and iOS platforms and develop brand-new features. Moreover our developers built a website from scratch for the Dog Tracker Nano product.


Our developers split the solution into the modules by creating several new units that dramatically improved the app functionality and performance.

  • Where is my dog?
    This module allows you to see the location of your pet and all its motions on the map in real-time. The application detects the distance traveled, speed, and direction of the dog's movements.

    We integrated detailed street and satellite maps with worldwide coverage into the App. It makes it possible to track the pet's movements no matter the terrain. Users can use any type of easy-to-use search (Map view, Camera view, or Compass view) to track their dogs.

    Additionally users can create and record their walking routes and share the dog's location via SMS or e-mail. This feature is especially helpful if a pet becomes lost while on a walk.
  • Track a walk
    The application tracks and records daily walks and activities of the dog, as well as the distance and duration of each walk. The owner can see all the exercises their pet receives each day, week or month (filtered by the user).
  • Geofence
    This module keeps your dog safe anywhere you create a virtual fence by restricting its movements outside the permitted walking area. If the dog leaves the safe zone you will get a push notification on your phone.
  • My walks
    User is provided with options to monitor the dog's daily walks, allows users to delete walks from the list and check the starting and ending points of the walk.
  • Activity
    This module is able to build diverse graphs from the data obtained. It monitors the dog's everyday physical activity, including average running speed, length, and duration of the runs and turns this data into graphs to illustrate trends.
  • Health & wellbeing
    The app allows setting goals for the dog's daily exercise and helps control activity levels to improve the pet's physical fitness.

    It is easier to take care of the dog by exploiting the given module. The user just needs to enter the necessary data to determine the dog's ideal weight and to get supplemental recommendations on grooming, feeding, training, exercising and walking. Content is available offline as well.
  • Other
    By using the Dog Tracker Nano app dog owners can track several dogs at the same time. Furthermore multiple users have access to the application, i.e. family members or close friends can assist in looking after and caring for the dog.

Technical hurdles

GPS tracker setup

In order to track the pet the Dog Tracker Nano app uses a GPS tracking unit which is a tiny device attached to the pet's collar.

The tracking unit constantly shows the dog's speed and whereabouts via GPS, accurately synchronizes the exact time, and transmits information through GSM to the database server. The user can see the location of the pet on the application map screen.
Creating graphs using diverse data

We arranged a small library for the Dog Tracker Nano app equipped with a graph-maker to allow users to visualize their dog’s data in charts.

It resulted in a reduction of the amount of memory that the app uses and increases the speed of visualization. This would have been impossible without ready-made graph templates. The client-oriented library combines user needs with flexibility and speed. Furthermore our engineers were free to make all the required alterations during the development process from changing the color scheme to selecting the type of graphs.

This is one of the most interactive and innovative features of the app.

Knowing the approximate location of the dog user can turn on the Camera View option. Then the Compass shows the direction of the pet's whereabouts and the dot on the screen indicates where user should go thus allowing dog owners to easily track down their pets.
Application testing

Our primary goal was to develop unique software to provide seamless operation to GPS tracker via its mobile app platform.

Therefore at the testing stage we thoroughly simulated the app operation in real-world conditions. It also means we are now sure the Dog Tracker Nano app will give users peace of mind to know exactly where their beloved pet is at any time.


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    The Dog Tracker Nano project was a success with win-win outcomes for both sides. We are partners and continue to cooperate in developing other applications for the client.
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    Our client noticed a dramatic increase in Dog Tracker Nano customer loyalty and a significant increase in demand for smart GPS dog collars resulting in the sales growth.
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    The application is widely used among users to monitor their dogs and raised interaction between the pet and the owner to a new level.