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Flutter app development services by Cogniteq

  • mobile

    Custom mobile app development

    Cogniteq Flutter developers excel in building swift time-to-market mobile apps with exceptional usability. With our comprehensive approach, we offer full-cycle development services, guiding your project from ideation to market release with efficiency and excellence.

  • web

    Flutter web development

    Flutter is the preferred choice for developing interactive web applications, encompassing single-page apps and progressive web apps. Our developers leverage the most potent and dependable tools to construct sophisticated solutions that seamlessly operate across various platforms and browsers.

  • App migration

    App migration

    Start a smooth transition of your existing app to Flutter with the help of our experts. Cogniteq's seasoned Flutter developers ensure a seamless process, preserving functionality while harnessing the benefits of Flutter's advanced features.

  • team

    Flutter Team Augmentation

    Extend your team with our in-house Flutter developers. Cogniteq experts seamlessly integrate into your workflows, offering collaborative augmentation. Benefit from our collective expertise to enhance project capabilities with precision and proficiency.

  • Flutter app support and maintenance

    Flutter app support and maintenance

    Ensure the seamless performance and longevity of your Flutter app with our dedicated support and maintenance services. Our expert team provides ongoing assistance, troubleshooting, and updates to keep your solution running smoothly. With proactive monitoring and swift issue resolution, we guarantee a reliable and optimized user experience for your Flutter app.

  • Consulting


    As a top-tier Flutter development company, the Cogniteq team can assist in validating your app development approach and ensuring the delivery of optimal technical solutions.

Advantages of Flutter app development

  • Faster time-to-market
    Faster time-to-market

    An adept Flutter app development company can expedite the development process by leveraging a unified codebase for both iOS and Android platforms, resulting in significant time savings for the app.

  • Cost-efficiency

    By having a development team create a single codebase, the overall development costs will decrease. This, in turn, allows the allocation of the saved funds for other features and projects.

  • User-friendly design
    User-friendly design

    Flutter empowers developers to craft applications that maintain a consistent and high-quality look and feel, even when equipped with intricate functionalities and multiple tools.

  • Native-like experience
    Native-like experience

    Cross-platform apps built with Flutter exhibit smooth performance, typical of native solutions. This is ensured by omitting intermediary code representations.

  • Scalability

    Flutter's architecture supports scalability, allowing applications to adapt and grow seamlessly with increasing user demands. This ensures that the app remains performant and responsive as user numbers and data loads expand over time.

  • Faster testing
    Faster testing

    Utilizing Flutter for development can streamline testing through the provided tools. This implies a significant reduction in the time traditionally allocated to software testing.

Why choose Cogniteq as a Flutter app development company

  • Vast Expertise in Flutter
    Vast Expertise in Flutter

    Benefit from our extensive experience in Flutter app development, where our seasoned team leverages the framework's capabilities to create high-performing apps tailored to your specifications.

  • High Security Standards
    High Security Standards

    Cogniteq prioritizes your data security, holding ISO certification to guarantee that stringent international security standards are consistently met throughout the development process.

  • Agile Approach
    Agile Approach

    Embrace the flexibility of our agile methodology, ensuring rapid adaptation to changing project requirements, incremental updates, and efficient delivery, all while maintaining transparency and collaboration.

  • Scalability for Future Growth
    Scalability for Future Growth

    We design your Flutter app with scalability in mind, ensuring they seamlessly grow alongside your business, accommodating increased user demands and data loads effortlessly.

  • Client-Centric Solutions
    Client-Centric Solutions

    Tailor-made solutions that precisely align with your business objectives – our collaborative approach ensures your vision is not just met, but surpassed.

  • Continuous Innovation
    Continuous Innovation

    Stay ahead with Cogniteq's commitment to continuous innovation, exploring cutting-edge tools, frameworks, and methodologies to future-proof your app.

Flutter Technologies and Tools we use

  • Dart 2.x/3.x
  • Bloc
  • Riverpod
  • Stacked
  • Provider
  • Clean Architecture
  •  Multi-Package architecture
  • Flutter
  • Flutter Web
  • Future API
  • async/await
  • Hive
  • Drift
  • GoRouter
  • GetIt
  • Dio
  • GraphQL
  • linter
  • Mocktail
  • Unit/Widget/Integration tests

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Our Flutter app development process

We adopt an iterative approach, utilizing 1-2 week sprints and regular client demos to ensure the successful attainment of planned objectives.

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    Kick-off Meeting
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    Design & Development
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    Final testing
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    Stabilization phase
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    Acceptance testing
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    Project delivery
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    Post-launch support and maintenance


What applications can be created with Flutter?

Flutter app development services are frequently chosen for creating MVPs, as this framework allows for time-saving in the software solution development process. You can employ Flutter in cross-platform development, enabling the construction of web, mobile, and desktop applications using a single codebase. 

Is Flutter better than React Native?

Both frameworks have their pros and cons. However, the main difference is related to the fact that Flutter is powered by the object-oriented programming language Dart. Thanks to this, there is no need for bridges that will allow Flutter to interact with a platform. In the case of React Native, such bridges are a must, which has a negative impact on software performance.

What tools should be used for Flutter mobile app development?

There is a large number of tools that can be used by Flutter developers. For example, they include Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Android Studio, Flutter Inspector, Dart DevTools, FlutterFire, FlutterWave, Codemagic, FlutterFlow, Flutter Packages, and the Firebase SDK.


When is Flutter the best choice for app development?

Flutter is a good option when you want to build a cross-platform solution that demonstrates excellent performance, reliability, and responsiveness. Moreover, with this framework, it is possible to deliver apps with complex features and visually attractive UI. That’s why, if you have specific requirements for design, you should consider Flutter. It is also a popular choice for MVP projects.

Does it take long to develop a Flutter app?

The exact timeframes depend on numerous factors, including the complexity of the desired features and the number of planned integrations. On average, a Flutter development team will need 2-3 months to build an MVP. If you have a full-scale app, the development can take around 3-6 months. For accurate planning, you should discuss the timeframes for your project with a development team in advance.


How much does it cost to build an application with Flutter?

Software development costs are always calculated based on a wide range of parameters: the exact type of your Flutter app, its complexity, functionality, etc. Another factor that influences costs is the size, composition, and rates of the development team. Usually, costs start at $20,000 for the simplest apps and may go up to $200,000 and beyond for the most complex solutions.