Industries We Work With

We have been delivering top-notch software solutions to our clients from a range of business domains for over decade. Our specialists apply their cross-domain competencies and rich experience in software development to build efficient products. Our goal is to help businesses grow and scale.

What we offer

All our solutions stand out for their security, UX and compliance with stringent industry standards and policies. In our work we rely on time-proven practices but are always open to new technologies and ideas.

Our diverse portfolio includes (but not limited to) mobile apps, web portals, management systems powered by IoT, AR/VR, ML and AI.

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Healthcare solutions

We provide healthcare app development services, create AI-based analytics tools and develop web portals to bring significant value to all stakeholders of the medical system. Cogniteq experts provide products that facilitate numerous daily processes for institutions, increase patient loyalty and satisfaction.

Our healthcare software development specialists deliver top-notch solutions including:

  • Telemedicine apps
  • Dieting apps
  • Professional networking applications
  • Appointment management systems
  • Patient management software
  • e-Prescribing tools
  • Web portals for medical staff and patients
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Financial and Banking Software Development Services

The years of experience in financial software development help us clearly understand all industry standards and regulations. Our banking and financial software services are based on a perfect combination of best practices and cutting-edge innovations.

Fintech software we deliver:

  • Mobile banking apps
  • Software for calculating, managing, paying and collecting taxes
  • Solutions for accounting staff
  • Apps for personal budgeting
  • Prepaid card apps
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E-Learning Software Development Services

Our custom eLearning solutions ensure the interactive experience for users, personalization and efficiency of the learning process. Moreover our software helps achieving automation of daily tasks of educational institutions - from students registration and storing personal data to conducting online testing and tracking results progress.

Our experts provide software for eLearning that includes:

  • Web learning portals
  • Talent management systems for corporate education
  • Content management systems
  • eLearning solutions for schools
  • Mobile apps (quizzes, skill-building, educational and training apps)
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Sports applications

Strong expertise in sports software development help our specialists deliver solutions for different target groups - sports club administration, professional athletes, coaches, fans and amateurs.

Sports software solutions from Cogniteq experts:

  • Data management software for sports organizations
  • Personal training mobile apps
  • Fitness trackers
  • Wearable health software
  • Score-tracking sports apps
  • AI-powered predictive tools
  • Sports web portals
  • Ticketing apps
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Social networking software

Cogniteq creates social networking solutions that allow building productive and mutually beneficial interactions between businesses and their customers. Apart from standard functionality like communication tools and feed personalization, our experts can enrich solutions with unique features developed for the needs of a particular community.

Types of software we build:

  • Community portals (B2B and B2C)
  • Mobile social apps
  • Social network games
  • Social e-commerce tools
  • Enterprise social networking
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