Custom Web Application Development Services

The Cogniteq team offers full-cycle web app development services for B2B and B2C companies. We have a focus on enterprise systems, web portals, eCommerce and data analytics products.

Web Development at Cogniteq

Our experts build web applications that would fully correspond to your business needs. We have profound knowledge in a range of business domains so that our custom web development services are in high demand across industries.

To ensure excellent performance of the solutions Cogniteq team uses a range of technologies and frameworks including Node.js, PHP, .NET, Java for backend development and ReactJS, vue.js, Angular for front-end. We are always on the lookout for other options following the technological trends..

Furthermore apart from development we also offer consulting, app Support and Maintenance.

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Our competitive advantages

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    Deep customization
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    ML and IoT-powered solutions
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    User-friendly UI
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    Integration with third party solutions
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    Cross-browser compatibility
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    Excellent scalability

Web solutions we offer

High performance, absolute security and an intuitive user interface - these are the cornerstones of our approach to web development. Having profound experience in solving challenging tasks our experts provide the clients with a selection of web development services to meet their needs and aspirations.

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    Enterprise systems

    Using top-notch technologies and tools we develop different types of web applications that are aimed at facilitating your business workflow. These systems are intended for managing company processes, assets and tasks. Solutions we develop help our clients organize their workflow in a more effective way and increase their performance significantly.

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    eCommerce solutions

    Our eShops and B2B eCommerce portals drive digital business transformation. Secure payment and booking systems, warehouse and shipment management solutions and other features follow clients' requirements and efficiently streamline their sales. We use such online platforms as Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce.

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    Web portals

    Our experience encompasses supply chain, eLearning, vendor, document management portals, etc. Diverse functionality helps ensure enhanced user experience, easy content management and automated integration with existing business systems.

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    Data analytics solutions

    Cogniteq experts create ML-based solutions designed for helping companies make time-efficient decisions based on accurate data analysis. We provide fully customized solutions that allow our clients optimize a number of business processes, reduce operational costs and generate more revenue.

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Front-end development

Following the trends in web application development services our developers deliver web apps that are both engaging and appealing for users but also realize business goals of the stakeholders. In order to meet client demands we always expand the technology stack and adopt new practices.

Our apps stand out for:

  • UI that looks and feels equally good
  • UX that is developed using deep user expectations analysis
  • Intuitively-clear technologies and processes that ensure easy and fast adoption

Back-end development

Back-end development is the vital part of the project that affects the overall performance of the solution. Our engineers ensure that the web apps communicate with servers and databases effective but also build a fully comprehensive and flawlessly functioning product.

Our back-end experts build apps that provide:

  • Top-notch security features that guarantee the highest level of data protection
  • Architecture that allows further scalability
  • Possibility to integrate third-party components and other business solutions.

Our approach to web application development

Based on our client-oriented approach Cogniteq team is not aiming at one-time project but rather aspires becoming a long-term software partner that supports business growth of our customers. Powered by the most cutting-edge technologies our solutions help the clients discover new business models and opportunities.

Thanks to the responsible approach our clients are confident that their apps will be released on time and in due quality.

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