IoT Healthcare Solutions

We’re convinced the Internet of Things is on its way to utterly transforming almost every process in healthcare. For more than a decade, we’ve been working in healthcare software development, looking for the most appropriate ways of applying innovative technologies to addressing the needs of doctors and patients. Today our developers can deliver cutting-edge IoT healthcare solutions that will help you take the quality of medical services and patient satisfaction to a new level.

IoT healthcare solutions we can build

  • Remote monitoring solutions

    Remote monitoring solutions

    Smart medical devices, such as spirometers, inhalers, and ECG monitors, are powered by sensors and innovative technologies like ML and AI to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and increase the quality of remote patient monitoring and treatment. Such solutions collect and process the gathered data. Thanks to the use of mobile applications for patient health monitoring, doctors don’t need to interact with medical devices physically, saving the time usually spent on such tasks.

  • Hospital asset tracking systems

    Hospital asset tracking systems

    Using RFID tags on equipment makes it simple to monitor the location of various hospital assets in real time. Medical staff can check where this or that item is located at any moment and whether it is available, making it possible to prevent theft or loss and use the equipment efficiently. Such solutions help to optimize expenses.

  • Cold supply chain tracking

    Cold supply chain tracking

    These systems are intended to ensure the required conditions for the transportation and storage of pharmaceutical products. Different products need to be kept in different conditions, and it is very challenging to track them all simultaneously. But an IoT-powered solution can address this issue.

  • Smart hospital building solutions

    Smart hospital building solutions

    These systems have a lot in common with smart home solutions. They unite various sensors (monitoring temperature, light, or doors) to automate and optimize climate control and lighting to avoid wasteful energy use.

  • At-home care

    At-home care

    These solutions are targeted, first of all, at patients with chronic diseases and elderly people who need to track their symptoms constantly and stay in touch with medical staff, even from home. At-home care systems can be enriched with telemedicine functionality as well as various features that will automatically send an alert to a physician if a patient’s symptoms deteriorate critically.

  • Staff and patient tracking

    Staff and patient tracking

    IoT healthcare solutions can be used not only to monitor equipment but also to determine the exact real-time location of hospital employees and patients. Such systems can increase safety for both patients and staff, optimize daily tasks and schedules for nurses and doctors, and assess patient flows throughout the day.

  • Smart equipment apps

    Smart equipment apps

    Various IoT sensors installed on smart equipment can gather valuable medical data. But that’s not all: they can also be used for predictive maintenance, detecting potential breakdowns early and helping to prevent unexpected equipment failures.

Benefits of IoT applications for healthcare

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    Real-time data collection and processing
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    Better management of dangerous conditions
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    Stronger connection between patients and doctors
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    Higher efficacy of treatment
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    Optimized use of hospital resources
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    Reduced staff pressure and overloads
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    Individualized treatment plans
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    Higher patient satisfaction

Why choose Cogniteq as your IoT healthcare company?

  • Regulatory compliance
    Regulatory compliance

    For us, it is important to deliver medical IoT solutions that will ensure full safety for users’ personal data and sensitive information related to their health. That’s why our team always invests a lot of effort in guaranteeing compliance with the stringent security standards applied in the healthcare industry, including HIPAA, FDA, ISO 13485:2016, and others.

  • Seamless integration with your wider IT ecosystem
    Seamless integration with your wider IT ecosystem

    We can not only build high-quality, feature-rich healthcare IoT software but also integrate it with other systems used at your organization, such as EMR or EHR solutions. We will make sure all the solutions can easily exchange data in real-time, resulting in higher efficiency and streamlined functionality of each of these software products.

  • Deep expertise in the healthcare industry
    Deep expertise in the healthcare industry

    Though our services are not limited to one business domain, we focus on several industries, healthcare being one of them. Our experts regularly monitor the market for healthcare apps and IoMT software products to track changes in user expectations and demand. Working with us, you can be sure that your solutions will be relevant in the ongoing market conditions and bring real value to their target audience.

  • Full transparency
    Full transparency

    We highly value the trust of our customers and always view transparency and openness as our core priorities. Our team provides flexible engagement models and an individual approach to formulating financial terms. When our clients come to us with inquiries about developing IoT healthcare solutions, we carefully analyze their requirements and needs to estimate the project costs before we proceed to the active phase of its realization.