Mobile App for Pool Service Companies iON Pool Care

  • Client:
    iON Business Solutions, USA
  • Request:
    To build a mobile app for managing a swimming pool service and repair business on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Result:
    The app increases companies' productivity and profitability by managing and prioritizing inter-office tasks more efficiently.
  • iOS Technologies:
    • Swift
    • iOS SDK
    • Realm
    • Alamofire
    • SwiftDate
  • Android Technologies:
    • Java
    • Android SDK
    • WorkManager
    • SQLite
    • Room


The US-based company iON Business Solutions came up with the idea to develop a special app for the swimming pool service industry. Our client realized that appropriate software could significantly improve such companies' efficiency by keeping in touch with both technicians and customers.

iON Business Solutions decided to build a powerful and robust, yet easy-to-use B2B application for swimming pool service and repair business. Trying to take advantage of mobile app development, our client set a goal to build top-notch web and mobile apps tailored to industry-specific needs, apps containing the necessary tools to drive operational efficiency in service companies.

The business idea behind iON Pool Care app is that iON Business Solutions acts as an intermediary between pool service companies and their customers. The app allows organizations to track employees' billable hours, monitor the progress of work, and check the payments.

The company chose Cogniteq because of our vital interest to make things right and extensive experience in developing similar applications. Our team was assigned to work on a mobile app. We had to build versions for both iOS and Android.

In an agile environment, Cogniteq was responsible for developing the app functionality, project management, and testing. On the client side were the product owner, business analyst, and designer.


  • Data synchronization
    and making the app work offline happened to be the largest and most complex feature. As part of this task, we have synced all user activities in the app.
  • Billing.
    With this section, the business users can publish unique offers or price increase announcements.
  • Custom UI.
    The iON Pool Service App has a rather unusual and complex business logic. Since its successful implementation into the app was extremely critical, our team intensively involved the client throughout the development cycle: we clarified the business requirements and agreed on the next development stage every day.
  • Plan and track routes.
    This section contains functionality that allows optimizing and updating technical routes in real-time, setting up a schedule, creating estimates based on templates of completed work, uploading before and after work photos, and sending them to employee's work email address.
  • Chemical readings and dosages.
    In this section, users can query pool service histories, instantly create reports, take photos of the pool and equipment, track the use of chemicals, add and view notes on individual customer requests.
  • Scheduler.
    Our experts have developed a rich set of functionality for vast scheduling needs. It is a large calendar with scheduled issues and those that had been already done. Varied and complex filters provide the optimal performance of the given section.


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    Based on our customer's insights, iON Pool Care app drives managers, administrators, and end customers’ satisfaction. The easy-to-use platform provides fast communication with both technicians and customers.
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    After launching the app, our client mentioned the significant role of the app in increasing companies' productivity and profitability due to managing inter-office tasks more efficiently and the opportunity to focus on the business and its results instead of the process.
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    The app provides pool service companies with real-time communication with their customers and employees. The functionality ensures constant contact between technicians and customers since the Customer Portal offers information available to any of them.
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    Thanks to the detailed scheduling functions, the iON Pool Care app optimizes the work orders, daily schedule, and routes of hundreds of service workers and facilitates their moves from one spot to another.