Case logo Power Metering Apps for Cyclists TeamZWATT

  • Client:
    TeamZWATT, Denmark
  • Request:
    Develop mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms.
  • Result:
    Significant sales growth and a successful launch of new product range.
  • Technologies:
    • BLE service
    • Auth0/Lock
    • Google Play Services
    • AFNetWorking
    • Fabric
    • Crashlytics


TeamZWATT (Denmark) got in touch due to our expertise in creating IoT solutions. The company is engaged in developing power metering equipment for cyclists. TeamZWATT cooperates with leading bicycle brands and manufacturing companies that equip their bikes with power meter devices.

Power meters measure the power output of the rider. These devices are used by professional cyclists who participate in the road-cycling multi-stage races. The platform helps monitor and evaluate race performance, and distribute power output across the entire distance of the multi-stage race. Nowadays as an increasingly common piece of equipment, power meters are no longer reserved for highly conditioned cyclists.

TeamZWATT took the step to develop an app after making a deal with a leading bicycle manufacturer. The company required creating high-quality software for collecting and interpreting sensor data.

The company already had an Android app. Our task was to develop two new apps based on the existing one and also improve its design. The first solution was intended for TeamZWATT brand, while the second was designed for the company partner who was going to sell a product to another segment of customers. The apps had different UI and slightly altered functionality.

We were also asked to develop two applications for the iOS platform for TeamZWATT and its partner.


  • Apps for the Android platform
    The key requirement for the Android version was to leave the core of the old code and separate its contents into a library for reuse. We have developed two library-based apps with different user interfaces and functionalities.
  • Apps for the iOS platform.
    These apps were developed from scratch. From a technical point of view, their structures are similar to the Android version. Our specialists created a central library that served as a basis for developing the two iOS apps.
  • Functions of TeamZWATT apps:
    •  Recognize the sensor
    • Connect it to a mobile phone via Bluetooth
    • Receive data from the strain gauge
    • Store data locally in a special format
    • Synchronize data with the server

    The apps also allow the user to calibrate the sensor and check for bootloader and firmware updates. Depending on the app’s version, it is also possible to register a user. The server side interprets the data and generates visuals and reports.
  • Subscription features

    The company's sensors are sold for a marginal amount but their usage requires a subscription.

    The in-app subscription system has the following working routine: 
    • The app is synchronized with the server to activate a subscription service
    • It unlocks access to all the available features
    • The sensor supports subscription data recording
    Additionally our mobile developers developed features for specific customers without subscriptions.
  • Testing
    Most of the app and sensor firmware initial tests were done by our team. In addition, the client recruited volunteer beta testers to conduct quality checks of the apps and firmware by providing them with a free subscription.


  • image
    TeamZWATT reported a significant growth in strain gauge sales.
  • image
    The company was able to launch new lines of products using its brand-name.