IoT App for Horse Monitoring StepUp Horse

  • Client:
    StepUp Horse, Denmark
  • Request:
    To build an IoT horse app for monitoring vital factors during training.
  • Result:
    We developed an advanced IoT app that allows horse trainers to see real-time data and get access to statistics and data analysis after training.
  • Technologies:
    • Kotlin
    • Viewmodel + LiveData
    • Coroutines
    • Firebase
    • Retrofit
    • OkHTTP
    • GSON
    • MPChartLib
    • AndroidX Navigation
    • Google Maps
    • Glide


Our client was a company that designs wearable devices intended to be placed around a racehorse's thorax to measure important factors such as breathing, heart rate, distance, and speed during training. Our task was to develop an IoT app for horse monitoring that would allow trainers and owners to track data in real-time via a smartwatch as well as to gain access to training history and data statistics on their smartphones.


We built an IoT app that helps monitor 6 key parameters such as distance, training time, average speed, heart rate, breathing rate and recovery time. To make it convenient to work with the data received from special sensors, we enriched the solution with the following functionality.

  • Post-training data visualization.
    • Training conditions. In this section, users can see the temperature, the weather conditions, wind speed and humidity that prevailed during a training session, as well as time and location. It is also possible to view a satellite map with an overlay of the horse’s trajectory.
    • Training zones. The app lets users monitor the time spent in each zone during the training session.
    • Data tracking. The application shows data such as speed, heart and breathing rate in the form of graphs and tables.
  • App management.
    • User account. Users can create accounts in the app with the help of an email address or Google account.
    • Horses. Users can add and delete individual horses and indicate characteristics such as breed, gender and date of birth.
    • Teams. Each horse can be bound to a “team” made up of several users sharing the same horses and devices.
  • Device updates.
    The app is able to update wearables firmware using the Nordic Semiconductor DFU library. It connects to each device via Bluetooth, detects the firmware version, gets the latest version that is currently available, and launches the update process.
  • Training history.
    For each training session, users can see the following dataset: date, name of the horse, distance, average speed, time and a chart showing the related time spent in each training zone.
  • Real-time data visualization.
    Users can visualize the data being recorded by the device while it’s in use.


  • image
    We created an application that met the expectations of our client; now the company is ready to conduct technical testing of its 10 pilot devices.
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    The app’s outstanding functionality allows the company to distinguish itself from rivals, as it’s the first IoT solution that can monitor the horse’s breathing during training.