Sports App Development

We deliver apps for sports clubs, leagues, associations, and teams based on the latest industry insights. Our solutions help sports organizations address dozens of everyday tasks, and provide fans and sports lovers generally with new training and coaching options, viewing experiences, and other benefits.

Our sports app development services

For over a decade we have been growing as a trusted sports app development company. We create products with rich functionality that stand out because of their excellent performance, impregnable security, and unique UX. We understand what sports solutions should look like and build apps that enhance the experience of users, whether they be fans, trainees, coaches, or just sports aficionados.

What sports app development solutions does Cogniteq offer?

  • Web applications
    Web applications for sports teams.

    Software solutions of this type provide coaches with innovative tools to manage teams online, analyze detailed statistics, view upcoming events, etc.

  • Sports mobile app development
    Sports mobile app development for fans and sports lovers.

    These apps include a wide range of solutions that provide users with new opportunities to enjoy watching or participating in their sport.

  • Sports video broadcasting apps
    Sports video broadcasting solutions.

    Web and mobile apps help fans watch their  favorite teams and athletes play in real-time, regardless of their geographical location.

  • Sports management software for clubs
    Sports management software for clubs.

    These software products are powered with functionality for membership and event management, as well as various features for communication.

  • Sports betting app development
    Sports betting software development.

    We design and develop user-friendly and intuitive sports betting apps that ensure unique experiences and earning opportunities for users.

  • Ticketing apps
    Ticketing apps.

    Solutions of this type offer agencies an additional channel for selling tickets for various sports events. These apps can be enriched with analytics tools and individual-offer features.

Why choose Cogniteq?

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    Wide tech stack.

    The range of our stack technologies used for sports app development allows us to meet specific business requirements and enrich our products with functionality that fully meets sports organizations’ needs and fans’ expectations.

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    Striving for excellence.

    As a custom sports app development company, we’ve launched dozens of successful products for diverse sports clubs and companies. We always do our best to enhance our skills and are open to new knowledge, experience and challenges.

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    Strict privacy policy.

    We introduce legal, software and physical barriers to prevent misuse and leakage of sensitive data. Any details of our cooperation or user data will not go beyond the development team engaged in the project.

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What You’ll Get with our Sports Solutions

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    High level of content personalization
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    Digitalization of fan experience
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    Enhanced user engagement
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    New monetization options
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    Training process gamification
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    Precise sports data analytics

Special features of our sports apps

Our extensive track record of completed projects in IoT, Machine Learning, AR/VR and video live streaming solutions allows us to deliver sports software with novel features and great performance.

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    Internet of Things in sports

    IoT and wearable solutions offered by our experts connect numerous devices into a single network, ensuring a fully secure data exchange and synchronization in real-time. Our engineers have experience in building various apps for tracking users’ physical activities, diet and health monitoring. Trackers and monitoring devices are popular today not only among professional athletes but also fitness lovers. The sports app development services we offer also include testing the compatibility of our solutions with various IoT devices provided by clients.

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    Machine Learning in sports

    We integrate AI and ML tools that make the processing of sports data and correspondent analytics straightforward, fast and accurate. Such apps help coaches analyze athletes’ performance and their strategies on the field, and, consequently, allow them to adjust their tactics and approaches to achieve the best possible results. We also build software intended for forecasting ticket sales, event attendance and game results. Moreover, Machine Learning is widely used for sports betting app development, to provide users with better experience and ensure their satisfaction.

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    AR in sports

    AR and VR solutions bring value to both fans and professional athletes. Our AR apps analyze real-life surroundings, scan 3D objects, recognize 2D images and track motion. We make it possible for athletes and coaches to benefit from immersive training and results evaluation. Meanwhile, fans can enjoy AR-powered event broadcasting, virtual tours of sports arenas, and VR-based gaming apps. The VR and AR experience can be also used for marketing purposes, as it can be a great way to promote sports events and sponsors' products.

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    Live Streaming in sports

    We create software with live streaming features that significantly contribute to increased fan engagement and enhanced user experience. Our broadcasting apps can be powered by analytics tools to track users’ preferences and ensure a high level of content personalization. To reach higher user satisfaction, we can power these solutions with features that will automatically adjust video quality depending on the internet connection speed. The most innovative products also allow users not just to watch games online but also record them to re-watch later.

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