Platform for scheduling appointments both online and offline IBookNow

  • Client:
  • Request:
    To create an easy-to-use solution that will allow users to make appointments and help businesses promote their services and attract new clients.
  • Result:
    We developed a mobile application for customers and a web platform for business users that have all the required functionality for making and managing appointments.
  • Technologies:
    • Flutter
    • Stripe
    • Agora
    • Amazon S3


The client turned to us with an idea to build a comprehensive solution that would unite businesses with their potential clients. The solution was expected to help companies draw attention to their services and provide all the required tools for making and changing appointments and conducting safe payments online.

With this solution, the company hoped to revolutionize the services industry and offer a transformative way for customers to interact with businesses such as medical centers, law firms, barbershops, fitness clubs, etc. To achieve the set goals, the plan was to develop a mobile application for customers and a web platform for business users and administrators.


Our developers built a cross-platform app for users of both iOS and Android devices. This application has all the required functionality for customers who are interested in finding providers of particular services, getting detailed information about their offers, communicating with representatives of these businesses, and making and changing appointments. The web platform allows businesses to present their services, promote them, interact with potential clients, receive payments, and manage booked appointments.

  • Appointments
    Clients can view the work schedules of the chosen businesses, find available slots, and book both online and offline services. The ability to manage appointments via an online platform not only enhances the customer experience but also makes for more efficient workflows for businesses.
  • Communication
    To ensure convenient interaction between businesses and customers, we’ve enriched the app with functionality for organizing communication in different formats. This includes options such as an in-app messenger, voice calls, video chat, and the ability to send emails.
  • Document storage
    Customers can save all the received documents, such as invoices, in a special folder in the app. The stored documents can be viewed, retrieved from the app, and uploaded again.
  • Digital signature
    Clients have the ability to sign relevant documents with electronic signatures.
  • Online payments
    Safe and reliable transactions are ensured, thanks to the integration of the Stripe service. Users can easily pay for their appointments and subscription plans with just a few clicks directly via an app.
  • Business management tools
    The web platform provides a set of tools for publishing and updating information, assigning tasks and services to particular employees, and controlling their schedules.


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    Our team built the first version of the solution in full accordance with the set requirements. It is expected that in future the application will be enriched with a range of new features that will help to make interactions between clients and service-oriented businesses even more seamless and comfortable for all the participants.
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    At the moment, the app is available in English and  French.