Task management mobile app for children and their parents Nudge app

  • Client:
    Startup, US
  • Request:
    To build an iOS mobile app that will let parents assign everyday tasks to their children and reward them when the tasks are fulfilled.
  • Result:
    We developed a feature-rich application based on the requirements set by the client.
  • Technologies:
    • Node JS
    • Swift
  • Team:
    • 1 iOS developer
    • 1 backend developer
    • 1 project manager
    • 1 QA


The client’s goal was to build a parenting app for child tasks and rewards on the iOS platform. This app would enable parents to foster responsibility and productivity in their children, as well as help kids develop essential skills and build healthy habits. The application needed to have the functionality for setting tasks for children and rewarding them when the tasks are completed.

When the client contacted us, they already had an MVP that was built by another team, however, they were not satisfied with the quality of the work. That’s why there was even more pressure on us to do well - we had to save the project another setback and roll out an app that would meet all the requirements and would be worth a second investment. Initially, it was planned that we would continue building on the existing parents and children chore app. After thorough analysis, though, we decided that it would be more sensible to build an app practically from scratch and to reuse only some small parts.


We developed a mobile app for iOS devices that parents can use to assign different tasks to their children and track their progress. For their achievements, kids earn points that go towards real-life rewards as well as unlock in-app customization features for their virtual mascots. The app has two types of interface, which vary in functionality: one is a dashboard for parents and the other is a dashboard for children.

  • How it works
    • A parent creates an account for themselves and then adds their child or children into the account. When a child account is created, the parent can start setting tasks for the child (like doing the dishes or feeding the pet) and setting a certain amount of in-game currency as a reward for completing the task.
    • In their own interface, a child can see their to-do lists and then start working on the tasks in the list.
    • When a task is finished, the child notifies their parent, and the parent can now check how the work is done. If it’s done properly, the parent will then reward the child with the set amount of points.
    • Children can then use the received points to redeem rewards set by their parents like 15 min of extra iPad time or a trip to the ice cream shop.
  • Parent’s account.

    In the app, parents can assign tasks, create custom rewards, track task progress, and view analytics. When a child completes a task and notifies them about it, parents can then evaluate the quality of the work and decide whether to close the task and reward a child or have them try again.
  • Child’s account
    Children can view their tasks and mark them as completed once a child is done with the assigned work. Upon completion, children get points and trophies that they can use for customizing their in-app mascots.
  • Animated mascots.
    Children can interact with their virtual mascots, while in the app. For the points kids receive from completed tasks,they will unlock different levels which include new accessories and animations for their characters to customize them to their taste. Only one mascot is available at the start, but the more points a child gets for doing chores, the more mascots become unlocked.
  • Security

    Since the app’s target audience is children, security was one of our top priorities. First, we made it so that only adults can create accounts for their children. A parent downloads the app, signs up and then generates a unique link for their child to log in. This way, children can only connect with their own parents. On top of that, the app, the tasks and the child’s actions are fully controlled by parents and are protected with unique PIN codes.


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    Our team rolled out a feature-rich app, all according to the requirements we set by working together with the client.
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    At the moment, the project is in the closed beta stage - we are continuing our polishing of the app and are gradually introducing new functionality based on the feedback received during testing.