Official Airlines Mobile App

Flight Booking App

  • Client:
    Software development company, Denmark
  • Request:
    Official flight booking Android app development and support.
  • Result:
    No.1 flight booking app with millions of users.
  • Technologies:
    • Firebase
    • Dagger
    • Kotlin
    • MockK
    • Mockito
    • Glide
    • JUnit 5
    • JUnit 4
    • LeakCanary


The Danish software company has chosen Cogniteq as a flight booking app development company and invited our expert to join the international large-scale project endeavoring to build the official flight booking mobile app. 
It was a great opportunity for our Android developers to prove themselves at their best and show their knowledge and skills required for creating flight booking applications. Even before starting the project, the flight ticket booking app has already included several large modules and served millions of users.

By that time, the users of that flight management app have got access to the following features:
•   Flight search,
•   Buying airline tickets,
•   Baggage fee and insurance payment,
•   Seat selection,
•   On-board meal pre-order,
•   Online check-in,
•   Flight status information,
•   Booking management,
•   Profile management.

Our experts were faced with the task of developing a large number of new features and providing after-launch technical support for the ticket booking app.


At a new stage of the flight booking app project, the Cogniteq team has devoted considerable effort to improve the functionality for finding flights, booking tickets, and booking management.
Since the flight booking app has a fairly extensive backend and consists of several SDKs that are responsible for the app logic, our experts did a lot of work that made the most significant contribution to project success: they developed new features and conducted several series of app testing.

  • Modular Design
    All apps of our client are multi-module. The company has created two unique platforms that became a common part for all its apps with a wide spectrum of functionality. 
    Our team was engaged in the flight booking app modulating. In particular, we have developed and optimized more than 20 modules that ensure the smooth-running operation of the features of this app for flight booking, as well as create an ultimate user experience and a lasting impression. The most important among them are Booking, Trip Summary, User Profile, Promotion, Log in, Payment, Search, and Seats modules.
  • Backend Part
    There was a lot of work to be done with the backend part of the flight booking app. The Cogniteq experts assisted in developing:
    • local cards schemes,
    • acquirers,
    • alternative payment methods,
    • adding payment service providers,
    • payment optimization.
    Besides, we worked on the backend part of the Amadeus CMS, essential software for airlines app in terms of booking, flight schedule, seat capacity, departure control, etc.
  • Payment Eco-System
    Special attention was drawn to the development of the payment eco-system. 
    Our experts have integrated the following payment methods:
    • Google Pay
    • PayPal
    • UnionPay
    • Internet Banking
    • Payment Cards 
    Furthermore, we have created an exclusive payment system that is rather unexpected in apps of this kind. The user can book tickets and pay for them later. In this case, the app allows users to book a flight and check-in. Then the user can make over-the-counter payments at any bank branch. The ticket will be issued and sent to the user's email address immediately after the payment is completed.
  • Flight Booking App Status
    The Cogniteq team has been working on the flight booking app for four years. We are constantly improving new functionality and providing prompt technical support for the app with millions of active users.


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    The flight booking app has become the No.1 app for buying airline tickets in Asia.
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    This application for flight booking has grown its presence across the globe: the number of regular users has reached several million.
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    Booking tickets is three times faster than in competing apps.
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    It is one of our client’s most successful and profitable projects ever.
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    The client continues to actively develop the project.