Cross-platform soccer coaching app Podiom Mobile App

  • Client:
    SportsFusion, UK
  • Request:
    Develop a cross-platform mobile app to provide an access to key information about soccer academy players.
  • Result:
    In less than 2 months, we delivered an ultimate feature-rich app designed to assist coaches of soccer schools as well as to ensure data security.
  • Technologies:
    • React Native
    • Expo
    • Redux
    • Redux Persist
    • styled-components


The Cogniteq team was contacted by SportsFusion, the UK-based organization engaged in providing sports services for youth and adults throughout London. The organization invited us to be a part of their new software project.

The challenge was that all SportsFusion clients who worked with soccer schools got access to the registers either by downloading them as an Excel spreadsheet or via the Internet. Both of these methods were not mobile-friendly and rather uncomfortable.

Therefore, SportsFusion asked us to build a mobile app to provide quick and easy access to information about soccer schools and academies. Our task was to develop a mobile online register containing students' personal, enrollment, and graduation data.

The Cogniteq experts needed to build an exclusive yet easy-to-use app for coaches to be able to:
•   Schedule training in the calendar,
•   Record player enrollment and graduation data,
•   Save and verify each student's personal information.


Due to the specifics of the project, the best solution was to develop a cross-platform mobile app using React Native technology.

  • Login.
    We have created a login page. Coaches can use the same login and password for access as for the old web version of the register.

    SportsFusion provided our experts with an API to allow successful login to the system and to determine the club the coach belongs to, the course they teach, etc.
  • Students Registry.
    In this section, the coach sees a list of all participants in their class. We’ve ensured the storage of the following information for each student:
    • Physiological characteristics and health indicators.
    • The password the coach needs to know when collecting data.
    • Student's permission to use their photos in the school promotional materials.
  • Program Overview.
    When clicking on a program, coaches see its complete course overview. Here, we’ve made the course registration functionality available.
  • Calendar.
    The app contains an absolutely convenient calendar. By clicking on a certain day of the week, coaches can see the classes they have.
  • Offline Mode.
    When developing the app, our experts did the utmost to create a powerful and stable app that can work even when there is limited or no Internet connection.

    We have built the app with offline capability. Good Internet speed supports online activity, otherwise, the information will be downloaded as soon as the connection is restored.
  • Student Data.
    The Cogniteq team created an individual detailed profile for each student of the school. This section also has the function to check students' arrival to class and departure.
  • Plans for the Future.
    At the next stage of development, it is planned to create functionality for risk assessment and injury and incident reporting.


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    Our customer was impressed by the speed and quality of product development. An idea turned into a fully developed app in less than 2 months.
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    The app is the main driver of the training process in all soccer schools and academies SportsFusion cooperates with. End-user feedback demonstrates the app's efficiency: working with data has become faster, more convenient, and secure.