Case logo Social Networking App for Dogs Bauwow

  • Client:
    UK-based social network for dog owners.
  • Request:
    To develop a social network for dog owners – mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms.
  • Result:
    Bauwow became the largest pet social networking application in Europe and the UK. Over 35,000 users and 80,000 businesses are signed up for Bauwow.
  • iOS Technologies:
    • Swift
    • Objective-C
    • Google Sign-In SDK
    • FaceBook Login SDK
    • Alamofire
    • Material Components
    • WebSocket
    • Keychain
    • Firebase Analytics
    • Firebase Crashlytics
    • UIkit
    • StoreKit
    • MobileCoreServices
    • MapKit
    • Core Location
    • Core Graphics
  • Android Technologies:
    • Java 8
    • Facebook SDK
    • Google Auth SDK
    • Square Retrofit
    • REST
    • Google Gson
    • Google Firebase Cloud messaging
    • Google Maps SDK for Android
    • Google Firebase Analytics
    • Google Firebase Crashlytics
    • Photo Editor library
    • Bump Technologies Glide
    • JakeWharton Butterknife
“Bauwow and Cogniteq have been working together for a number of years developing pet social network applications. We found Cogniteq to be responsive, collaborative, and willing to think alternatively on challenging tasks. We are keeping the innovative spirit developing our native applications, so we need a technology supplier to be agile and flexible”
Peter Curtis and Giuseppe Migale


Cogniteq had a history of working together with Bauwow Ltd to develop IoT solution for their Dog Tracker Nano smart dog-collar. The successful project implementation propelled our cooperation further to develop social networking mobile app for dog owners.

The app is aimed at creating useful functionality to look after the dog. The app core goals is to make new friends, find the best places for pet walking and playing and provide tips and guidelines for taking care of a dog.

According to the client's idea Bauwow is supposed to be something more than just a simple social network for dog breeders. This application is for genuine pet lovers for whom dogs are members of the family.


  • UI design
    Prior the project start the client already had an app prototype. However, the UI was simple and the code had to be edited in a wide array of modules. Therefore our first task was to refine the UI of the social network to make it more appealing and accommodate new functionality.
  • Health
    The app is aimed not only at entertainment but also at caring for dogs. In the Health module the users can record a pet's medical history, past surgeries, and other issues or schedule a visit to a vet or groomer. Moreover users can store other medical information such as allergies, medications that need to be taken, toxic and dangerous foods.
  • Profile
    Bauwow functions like a typical social network. Upon registration each user gets access to a personal account that allows them to share information about a pet, pictures, videos, etc. 
  • Services for dogs
    The app also welcomes individuals and organizations that provide services for dogs to collaborate. Therefore our specialists have developed a module for building a professional presence online and creating a customized proposal. For example, the owners of restaurants, cafes, pubs, campgrounds, and hotels can indicate "pet allowed" in the description of their properties. This module helps users to find vets, groomers, pet shops, dog-sitters, etc.
  • The daily bark
    It is one of the most popular and in-demand modules in the app. It provides users with the ability to post photos of their pets, share news, “bark” photos of other dogs, and send/accept friend requests.

    Furthermore dog breeders can arrange collective dog walking, track walking routes on the map and then share them on the social network.
  • Technical hurdles
    The main problem we faced was that legacy code was obsolete. Our team had to plan the development of each feature taking this fact into account. We did everything possible to ensure the stable operation of the app. Our task was not to interrupt, destroy, or limit the functionality already present in the app but rather guarantee the proper operation of newly-added features.
  • Iconography
    The menu bar contains simple and clear icons where user can navigate between the main screens.
  • Push-notifications
    We have developed a push-notification feature. Bauwow users get notifications when people send a friend request, make comments or like their posts.
  • My areas
    The app has integrated Google Map services that provide information on dog-friendly places in the local area:  
    • Restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs;

    • Beaches and pools;

    • Accommodations;

    • Pet feeders and waterers;

    • Dog playgrounds, etc.


  • image
    Bauwow became the largest pet social networking application in Europe and the UK.
  • image
    Over 35,000 users and 80,000 businesses are signed up for Bauwow.
  • image
    Users are able to post, comment and interact with other pet-loving community members from all over the world.
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    Businesses can post and interact directly with the community.