Case logo Coach-Athlete Feedback App SportUpside

  • Client:
    Sport Upside Limited, UK
  • Request:
    To develop an app for coach-athlete interaction for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Result:
    High app engagement and user retention; successful expansion into the US and European markets.
  • iOS Technologies:
    • Swift
    • Objective-C
    • C++
    • CoreBluetooth
    • Keychain
  • Android Technologies:
    • Java
    • Gradle
    • Git
    • ButterKnife
    • SQLite


Cogniteq was contacted by Sport Upside Limited, a UK-based company, to develop a mobile app for sportsmen - SportUpside.

The app was supposed to become a platform for operational interaction between coaches and athletes they train. Our client's primary goal was to motivate the players, improve their athletic performance, and build sportsmen's confidence in the coach and the team through timely feedback.

Sport Upside Limited chose our company being impressed by our extensive portfolio of sports apps that speaks for itself. We also demonstrated a similar app that was successfully launched on the mass sports market.

The task of the Cogniteq team was to build an innovative mobile app for iOS and Android platforms from scratch.


The app contains all the features necessary for lightning-fast coach-athlete and athlete-athlete interaction and communication. 

  • Log in.
    To get started, the user must verify their account by adding the phone number and entering the one-time code from SMS.
  • Creating a friendly environment.
    The user can create their own contact base in the app. They can add coaches and other athletes to their environment.
  • Feedback.
    Our team developed convenient functionality for delivering effective feedback. The only thing the user needs to do is tap on the +Feedback button.

    Feedback can be left using text, photo, video, and audio messages.

    While developing this part of the app, we wrapped our minds around the importance for the coach to know if the players got his/her instructions properly. That's why we created the Did you understand the feedback? field. It helps users react to the message by tapping either Absolutely! or Not really button.

    Feedback management makes it convenient to interact since it includes All, Sent, and Received folds. Besides, it is possible to specify which of the users viewed the feedback.
  • Next stage.
    Immediately after the app development, Sport Upside Limited was actively engaged in collecting user feedback. Therefore, our cooperation with this company has been going on for several years: our experts keep on developing new functionality and providing technical support.
  • Groups.
    We developed the possibility to create groups to encourage and support communication in internal group chats. It has made communicating inside the team or with each other much easier.
  • Backend.
    The noteworthy feature of the app is a server-side developed for user management.
  • Devices.
    The SportUpside app can be installed on all Android devices, as well as on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.


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    High app engagement and user retention after launch.
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    The app is commercially successful in the US and European markets and continues to gain its popularity.