VR app to deliver video explanations for the exhibits VR Mobile App
for a Museum

  • Client:
    Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
  • Request:
    Develop a mobile VR app for the museum visitors.
  • Result:
    Successful integration of the app into the museum ecosystem.
  • Technologies:
    • Android SDK
    • iOS SDK
    • C#
    • C++
    • DirectX
    • Vuforia


Cogniteq received a request from the Aarhus Museum of Art to develop a VR app for Android and iOS.

The expositions of the museum include exhibits of modern artists. Some visitors need interpretation of these  art objects to gain a good understanding of the idea that the artists had.

The museum decided to launch a VR app that would store all the information about the exhibitions, authors and art pieces.


Cogniteq team developed the app in a way where a user points their phone/tablet at the exhibit to get video interpretation of the exhibit . The app recognizes the object and the user can watches a video that explains the author’s concept. 

The app also contains information about the artists, including his or her bio, ideas, artistic movements, etc.

  • Iterative development process
    We applied the iterative approach to this project. Within the entire process we conducted app testing to find out which aspects could be improved and introduced changes as quickly as possible.

    The work on this project was ongoing in close cooperation with the client. Every day the museum tested the app and provided feedback. We added a lot of features to the app thanks to the findings made during the testing process.
  • Stable performance
    Our specialists were striving to ensure the stable performance of the app. Cogniteq mobile developers carried out extensive code optimization in order  to avoid app memory leakages in case of using Vuforia AR library.
  • Video scaling
    Upon object recognition the video is shown on top of it on the user's device screen. The user can move the phone/tablet, approach to the object while the video scales in order to overlay the whole exhibit.
  • Key aspects of the development
    Usability and user-friendliness were among the top priorities.


  • image
    In 2 months time the app was delivered. I has become an integral part of the museum’s visitor experience.
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    It takes user just 2 minutes to get acquainted with the functionality and the UX of the app.
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    Few thousand visitors have already used the app and left a positive review.