Custom Software Development Services

Cogniteq is here to transform your ideas into fully functioning software solutions. We deliver products that are aimed at ensuring seamless digitalization, business processes automatization and strengthening company online presence.

Custom software development solutions we provide

At Cogniteq, we build unique products using time-proven practices and the most innovative tools and technologies. We are always striving to meet stringent industry standards and ensure the best user experience.

Our success stories

We have excellent track record of completed projects that can provide insight into our expertise and level of complexity of the solutions we deliver. Have a look at the work we've done so far!

Related services at Cogniteq

Our team consists of talented Designers, QA Engineers, Analysts and other software specialists. The services mentioned below can be provided as stand-alone as well as in combination with any other custom software development solutions.

UI/UX Design

Regardless of the solution that we build our team offers appealing and industry-wise UI/UX solutions. Our designers take into account client's ideas and use contemporary approaches and tools to create a product look-and-feel in accordance with both the latest trends and the customer's vision.

We can provide UI/UX for a completely new product as well as enhance your existing apps, websites and portals with fresh design ideas.

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Quality Assurance

Quality is the top priority. We focus on ensuring that the products are functioning as per client’s expectations. Our QA team undertakes rigorous process and routine for each software solution built.

In accordance with the project specifications and needs Cogniteq engineers conduct testing of various types such as end-to-end, regression, performance, integration, stress, usability testing, etc. All the stages of these processes are supported with clear documentation.

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Dedicated Development Center

We can set up a group of dedicated software professionals who are seamlessly integrated within client's structures. Such team can be comprised of developers who have different skills and experience and fully adheres to the standards and policies of the organization.


You can easily ramp-up your team or cancel some positions if they are not needed anymore. The Dedicated Teams provide flexibility to effectively meet production needs at any point of time.

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Our approach to custom software development

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    Pre-development research

    Our team strongly believes that being a custom software development company presupposes being ready to dive deep into the industry trends and regulations. Before initiating the work we always analyze what features and technologies will push user satisfaction to the highest levels and make solution stand out on the market.

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    Core priorities

    We focus on building products that are secure, reliable and are integrated easily within the client's existing systems.

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    Our key goal

    Our primary goal is making sure the client can rely on Cogniteq. We help them facilitate their work without creating new challenges.