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custom healthcare solutions

We build healthcare portals and applications for medical providers and institutions helping them streamline their business processes, simplify patient management, reduce paperwork and ensure PHI.

Healthcare Software Development by Cogniteq

We provide custom healthcare app development, create medical portals, various types of trackers and analytics solutions with advanced cloud capabilities.

Our top priority is delivering tailored healthcare development services to meet the individual needs of our clients, allowing them to take care of their staff and patients. Each application contains unique functionality to solve a particular user problem.

Our specialists ensure secure data exchange, design user-friendly interfaces and guarantee trouble-free integration with a wide range of medical devices, making sure the end solution is safe and efficient.

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Benefits of healthcare application development

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    Increase of patient engagement
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    Improved communication with patients
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    Personalized content and increased loyalty
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    Streamlined business processes
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    High-level of security
Healthcare Web

Patient and medical staff portals. Healthcare providers need custom portals to provide patients and medical specialists access to treatment information, plans, laboratory test results, appointment scheduling, medical recommendations and much more.

Advanced healthcare analytics. Cogniteq specialists use data mining algorithms to analyze huge amount of medical data. Our clients use this information to evaluate their success, improve productivity, adjust costs and perform essential research.

Healthcare software
we provide
  • Healthcare Content Management System (CMS)
  • Healthcare Patient Management Software (CRM)
  • Medical Billing Software
  • Laboratory Information Management System
  • e-Prescribing Software
  • Patient Identification Software
  • Healthcare Supply Chain Software
  • Insurance Claims Management Software
  • Hospital Asset Tracking System
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Healthcare Mobile
App Development

Cogniteq extensive experience in mobile app development allow us creating solutions that synch with completely various devices for health control and real-time remote monitoring.

When developing mobile apps for healthcare, we pay particular attention to convenience and ease of use of the solution. Our UI/UX specialists design interfaces that take into account particular circumstances and conditions of the patients. We take into consideration the diverse needs and abilities of service users to create an accessible and tailored solution.

Our applications for healthcare specialists help them automate their daily tasks and assist in making treatment decisions.

Healthcare mobile apps for patients support them in taking control of their health, monitoring their medications, making an appointment and much more.

Healthcare mobile apps we
  • Telemedicine apps
  • Appointment scheduling apps
  • Medication apps
  • Reminder apps
  • Professional networking apps
  • Medical health tracking apps
  • Diagnosis apps
  • Mental health apps
  • Fitness apps
  • Dieting apps
  • Medical education apps
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Our healthcare development approach

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    We have profound experience in developing various web and mobile applications for the healthcare industry. Our company employs experts with excellent skills in medical software development. We aspire to become a trusted and reliable healthcare development partner for our clients.

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    We adhere to flexible cooperation processes with our clients. At the beginning of the project we define business requirements, optimal technology stack and suggest development methodology. However, we remain open to making changes at any point of time given the needs of the client and volatile situation on the market.

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    Our specialists communicate with the clients and discuss project status on a daily basis. Clients get access to our project management tools and can track the  progress and priorities in real time.