Case logo Golf app for iOS and Android platforms The Official Rules
of Golf

  • Client:
    United States Golf Association (USGA)
  • Request:
    Development of the official mobile application (iOS and Android) stipulating golf rules.
  • Result:
    The app is widely used by members of the USGA as well as in numerous golf academies and clubs.
  • Android:
    • Java
    • Android SDK
    • Realm
    • Retrofit
    • Glide
    • Google ExoPlayer
  • iOS:
    • Swift
    • UIkit
    • Realm
    • Alamofire


Our client is the United States Golf Association, a US non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the game of golf nationally and globally.

Professional golfers and amateurs should maintain consistent high-level training and know the rules of the game. The app provides universal directory that helps avoid disputes in the course of the game and save time on dispute resolution.

USGA set the goal of helping members improve their golf skills and enhance their knowledge of game rules. Additionally the solution should explain how to analyze the course of the game.

USGA needed an app that would contain all the Rules of Golf and a variety of additional features including videos, diagrams, FAQs, and quizzes.

Cogniteq was selected as the supplier due to our strong expertise in the development of mobile applications for the sports industry. Our mobile team was assigned with creating The Official Rules of Golf App for iOS and Android platforms from the early requirements clarification stage to actual implementation.


Our experts developed The Official Rules of Golf App from scratch. They added all conventional rules to provide answers to the many disputes that may arise in the course of the game. The solutions is being continuously updated with the latest changes in the Rules that officially take effect.

  • The app include:

     •  Player's Edition of the Rules of Golf,

     •  The Full Rules of Golf,

     •  The Official Guide to the Rules of Golf (including Interpretations, Committee Procedures, Model Local Rules, and the Modified Rules for Players with Disabilities).

    The Player's Edition is a short version of rules written with a focus on golfers. In addition, the app is equipped with the Full Rules and the Official Guide to the Rules. These are the main reference books for referees, competition organizers and administrators. They are available in Expert Mode only.
  • When developing the app we paid particular attention to both the functionality and quality aspects. The app has the following features:

     •  All rules, their definition and their interpretation.

     •  Videos that illustrate and explain the rules, FAQs, topic overviews and quizzes.

     •  Powerful search tools to find information on any Rules-related topic fast.

     •  Easy-to-understand, fast and intuitive navigation capabilities.

     •  Quick links to all definitions, Rule number references and Rules-related documents.

     All application functionality is available in offline mode.


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    As stated by USGA the app immediately became popular not only among members of the Association. The Official Rules of Golf App is used in numerous golf clubs, schools and courses in the US and worldwide.