our expertise

Our expertise in software development helps achieving a wide range of business objectives for our clients. In order to build efficient products with rich functionality Cogniteq team combines time-proven practices with innovative technologies.

What our team offers

Cogniteq experience allows working with clients from different industries including healthcare, finance, social networking, sports, and eLearning. The quality of the solutions we deliver ensures that the results meet and exceed the client’s expectations.

Cogniteq has strong competencies in:

Our team has professionals who have been building solutions in each of these fields for over 10 years. We are always open to innovations and strive for excellence.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Development Company

At Cogniteq, we provide a wide range of AI development services for the needs of various business domains ▶️ Visit our website to find out what we can offer.

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Internet of Things solutions

Before starting IoT projects our Business Analysts study current demands of each industry and correspondent market niche. Thus we offer solutions that are not only scalable and secure but also fully compliant with conventional standards.

Our IoT expertise:

  • Telemedicine
  • Smart environments
  • Connected products
  • Wearables solutions
  • Industrial IoT systems
  • Supply chain management platforms
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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

All our Machine Learning projects stand out because of their complete data security and absolute accuracy of analysis and predictions. In our portfolio you can find examples of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications that help achieve business objectives such as sales and enterprise productivity growth.

Services we offer:

  • Development of ML and AI-based mobile apps
  • Testing of software that is powered by ML
  • Support and maintenance of Machine Learning solutions
  • Building, deployment, and optimization of ML models
  • Consulting services
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Live streaming solutions

Top-notch tech stack and outstanding skills in software development make our team one of the leading video live streaming services providers in the region. We build solutions that provide highest-resolution picture even in case of low bandwidth, complex algorithms of image compression, noise suppression features and user-friendly interfaces.

Live streaming services at Cogniteq include:

  • Development of video broadcasting apps
  • Creation of live streaming web platforms
  • Integration of live streaming features into the existing solution
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Augmented Reality solutions

Solutions with Augmented and Virtual Reality features change the way companies perceive interaction between their services/products and users. AR/VR solutions built by Cogniteq developers scan and measure real-life surroundings, track motion, estimate lightning conditions, recognize 3D objects and 2D images and augment them with particular elements.

Cogniteq AR team can provide:

  • Augmented Reality development services
  • Integration of AR tools with existing systems
  • Design and implementation of 3D models
  • Software Maintenance
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Cybersecurity Services

Years of experience, seasoned specialists and profound understanding of industry specific processes allow Cogniteq become a reliable cybersecurity service provider. We ensure software compliance with all the applicable policies and regulations. Cogniteq specialists provide enhanced cybersecurity services that help protecting clients’ apps, enterprise systems and portals from external threats.

What our clients get:

  • Enterprise network protection
  • Web and mobile app security services
  • Protection against DDoS attacks
  • Evaluation and audit of ongoing software protection
  • Cybersecurity consulting services
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