Official mobile application for Chelsea FC fans Chelsea FC Hospitality

  • Client:
    Chelsea Football Club, UK
  • Request:
    Develop the official mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Result:
    Significant enhancement of visitor experience at Stamford Bridge.
  • iOS:
    • iOS SDK
    • UIkit
    • Realm
    • Crashlytics
    • Google Analytics SDK
  • Android:
    • Android SDK
    • Realm
    • Android Asynchronous Http Client
    • JoanZapata/android-pdfview
    • Crashlytics
    • Google Analytics SDK


The project was requested by the prominent English football club - Chelsea. Cogniteq was assigned to the project since we have vast experience in solutions for sports industry and know how to enrich experience of the fans.

The club had an idea to create the official Chelsea FC Hospitality app. The app was targeted at the fans who watch the game at the stadium. The main goal was to enhance the impressions of the match and the experience of Stamford Bridge.

Our goal was to build the app for iOS and Android platforms.


Cogniteq team built the app for the guests of Chelsea FC with the functionality that helps them plan their visit to the game at the stadium and also enrich their experience.

  • Exclusive offers
    Cogniteq mobile developers developed functionality to add and update special offers for both season ticket holders and guests.
  • Travel assistance
    Our specialists created the Travel info section that contains all the information about trips to Stamford Bridge by car, public transport and bike. The application also downloads TFL (Transport for London) updates in real-time.
  • Games schedule
    Users get access to the following features:
    • Lists of football team members
    • Match events
    • Scores of the previous matches
    • Photo gallery
  • Hospitality guide
    • Menu and wine list
    • Information about the staff responsible for catering and hosting
    • Guides on hotel rooms and business meeting halls
    • Dress code
    • FAQs
  • Weather forecast
    The app provides users with the possibility to view the weather forecasts for the match days.
  • The latest club news
    The news section is constantly updated. It covers the latest news about matches, scores and club events.
  • Player profile
    Users can read bios of all Chelsea players and their achievements. Their profiles include nationality, birth date, height, matches, number of ball steals, reputation, yellow cards, results in the matches.


  • image
    Since the release Chelsea FC Hospitality had attracted thousands of satisfied users.
  • image
    The club notes a significant improvement in the quality of guest care at Stamford Bridge.