E-Learning Software Development Services

Over the years we have accumulated valuable experience in eLearning solutions development. Cogniteq team has gained trust from clients that are educational institutions, startups, corporate training centers and non-profit organizations.

Software for eLearning we provide

Taking advantage of modern technologies and tools Cogniteq specialists make the learning process smooth and interactive. We create digital learning solutions that benefit both our customers and their users.

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What our clients get

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    Smart regulation of business processes across institutions
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    ROI increase with custom eLearning solutions
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    Efficient learning processes
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    Fascinating and engaging eLearning apps
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    Cost-effective tech support

Mobile eLearning app development services

One of Cogniteq key expertise in the education industry is eLearning mobile apps development. Over the years we have provided a personalized and interactive learning experience.

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, gamification, chatbots are just some of the EdTech trends we follow while working on mobile applications.

Types of eLearning mobile apps we provide:

  • Educational apps
  • Training Game apps
  • Workplace learning apps
  • Skill-building apps
  • Hobby apps
  • Quizzes and exam preparation apps
  • Video conferencing apps
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eLearning solutions to make your app stand out

In order to provide full interaction the eLearning application has to engage and encourage the users. Our extensive experience in software development for the education industry allows our engineers creating eLearning apps with innovative functionality that subsequently make the learning process incredibly exciting.

  • Interactive video technology

    Cogniteq experts integrate video-on-demand technologies, ensure smooth operation of video lessons within the app and embed video conferencing modules, meaning less lag time and increased concentration on learning.

  • AR/VR solutions

    In our eLearning applications AR/VR solutions enhance the educational power of the app and increase user engagement thus ensuring maximum attention from the students.

  • Artificial Intelligence innovations

    We implement AI-based functionality in custom eLearning solutions for effectiveness evaluation, attention tracking, automatic homework checking and educational program personalization.

  • Mobile optimization

    Our mobile developers can optimize web-based online learning platform for use on any device. We also practice a mobile-first approach for all app development, meaning your learning tool is at hand no matter where your users are.

  • Platforms expansion

    We build TV apps that run on Android TV and Apple TV. Cogniteq team also optimizes the apps to run on wearables thus providing increased flexibility to the users.

  • Localization solutions

    To make sure the application is launched successfully and attracts as many users as possible we help our clients implement localization strategies for the app.

Our most important criteria in eLearning development

The cornerstones in our approach to developing custom eLearning solutions are:

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    High-quality UI/UX design
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    Customization and personalization of the app functionality
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    Scalability to support growing numbers of students
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    Creation of reliable and flexible architectural solutions
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    Building accurate custom metrics within the app