Online educational platform with live video Online Course Platform

  • Client:
    Education startup
  • Request:
    Develop a platform for online courses with video streaming.
  • Result:
    Successful product launch of a unique eLearning platform.
  • Web Technologies:
    • Node.js
    • React.js
    • Redux
    • Wowza
    • Amazon Web Services
  • Android Technologies:
    • Wowza
    • Moxy
    • Dagger
    • Realm
    • ButterKnife
    • Retrofit
    • Okhttp WebSocket
    • AWS Android SDK
    • Android Webkit


Our company was approached by a startup with the idea of developing an e-learning platform. The company intended to offer both individual educators and organizations an easy way to set up virtual classrooms for learning, corporate training, etc.

The project had very few competitors on the market. Today it is the one and only platform for online courses that provides the possibility of live video broadcasts.

The product was supposed to be an e-learning platform with a subscription system for a broad audience. It could be used by organizations for staff training, by universities and schools for distance learning or by individual teachers to host online courses.

Our experts went through multiple tech interview stages before being hired. The expertise in developing educational applications combined with strong tech skills enabled us to help the client achieve their objectives.

Our task was to create a web application, as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms from scratch.


Cogniteq experts developed a lecture builder application. Courses on the platform look like presentations (similar to PowerPoint) with the ability to add a variety of media files.

  • Live video feature
    The developers invested a lot to create a video broadcast feature. Video streams are accompanied by a live chat. We implemented functionality where comments are visible when watching the stream after completion.
  • User management
    The app provides the ability to manage users on the platform. They are categorized into Ordinary User, Organization User, Organization Administrator, and Administrator of the Entire System. Each category has different access rights to app functionality.
  • Course assessment
    One of the key functions of the platform is the assessment technology. Our experts developed a video call feature to test students' knowledge.
  • Modes
    The mobile app can operate both online and offline. Allowing a variety of possibilities for learning on the go.
  • Real-time testing
    A real-world test at the university was the last step in the product development process. Students enjoyed participating in live-streaming seminars conducted by university teachers. We gathered as much feedback as possible to improve the product.

The app’s functionality allows users to:

•  Conduct live broadcasts in real-time with feedback via chat and full integration of video into the app.

•  Collect the company's eLearning content on one platform or in an online archive.

•  Use a multifunctional CMS with a custom content library.

•  Test students' knowledge and carry out certification.

Technical hurdles

The technical specifics of the project involved the development of the app server. The backend was hosted on Cloud services. In this project all data was stored on Amazon Web Services.

We created single ecosystem. We worked with about 30 various Cloud services and had to think long and hard about how to keep their operation running smoothly and simultaneously.


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    Our client can sell the product to any business sector where there is an urgent need for training and evaluation. The company can register corporate users in the app on their own and provide them with access to e-services packages.
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    Universities worldwide are showing interest in the product. The platform functionality solves many distance learning-related challenges.
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    The first feedback showed that the product is best suited for staff retraining and advanced training. The app helps companies create a healthy corporate culture.
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    The platform is very user-friendly. Intuitive and easy navigation is the backbone of the app value.