eLearning math web app for kids Maths App

  • Client:
    International education platform.
  • Request:
    Development of a Math web application for children.
  • Result:
    The app meets each child's individual needs and improves their self-confidence. Children who were doing maths with our app exceeded in knowledge at a level of 1.5 years faster than their peers who used conventional methods of learning.
  • Technologies:
    • React.js
    • Redux


The project was requested by an international educational platform. The management of the company favored Cogniteq as it had already completed several similar projects successfully.

Our client asked Cogniteq specialists to develop a web application that would become an online math tutor for 5-13 year-olds. The purpose of the application was to find an individual approach for each child and help them learn Mathematics.


Our specialists worked on the project alongside with the client's team. Cogniteq's team consisted of a project manager and two developers. On the part of the client, the project involved an Animation Designer and a Tester.

  • Home Page
    The app was designed like a game. The Home Page was created as a playing field where children can choose lessons. At the top of the screen you can see the time the child spent doing the task.
  • Users lists
    In the app the kid can invite their friends to the game and compare their score. We also created several user classifications - Buddies, School, World.
  • User dashboard
    For each user we have developed a personal dashboard. We tried to make this feature as custom in the application as possible. We have created an avatar configurator where users can create customized characters by choosing appearance, clothes and hairstyle for themselves.
  • Credits
    Children earn credits by successfully completing lessons. Using this app currency they can make various "purchases" in the -  items for the avatar, items to decorate their dashboard, etc. This motivates children to engage more and greatly contribute to the customization of the application.
  • Categorization
    All lectures are divided into categories and topics. Inside each category you can arrange competitions between the users.
  • Status
    Depending on the success of the tasks, the user account is assigned a certain status - Pro, Master or Superstar.

Technical hurdles

Animation work

In the user's account all items are animated. You can change their size, orientation, location. Animation makes the app more appealing and interactive even though its smart visualization caused complexity in development.

Developers applied layers of animation and improved the display of elements. They then created the ability for each item to change in size, perspective and location. In our case there were many elements and they were combined in a variety of projections and compositions.

Our frontend developers also had to comply with all the conditions for playing animation in the JSON format. We worked to ensure that all the components were worked out in time and their operation was synched correctly. That’s why the implementation of this functionality took quite a lot of effort and time for our team.
Ensuring work on the tablet

One of the key requirements of our client was to ensure that the application works on a tablet. This is the main device where the solution will be installed and used.

A number challenges were associated with the prerequisite of adaptation of the application to different types of tablets.

We also had to ensure the app running smoothly on various browsers. In order to introduce the animation we used libraries and technologies in the application that were not supported fully by all browsers. Thus the assignment required significant stabilization efforts.


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    Advanced Math skills
    Our client interviewed circa 12,000 students and found that children who were practicing Math with our application for about an hour a week surpassed in Math knowledge by more than 1.5 years than their peers.
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    Personal support
    According to feedback from parents the app improves children’s self-confidence, ability to set goals, and desire to self-develop. The app helps battle subject weaknesses, making children academic performance much better.
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    Responding to needs of children
    The app adapts to the needs of children - as the app progresses, children are introduced to more complex tasks, rewards and colorful animation that make the learning process exciting and engaging.