Internal corporate system for business process optimization Corporate
Management Software

  • Client:
    Belgium based digital communication agency.
  • Request:
    Develop a multi-functional business process management software from scratch.
  • Result:
    Optimized business processes, increased productivity and reduced costs.
  • Technologies:
    • .NET Core
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • jQuery
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
    • Azure Event Hubs
    • Azure Blob Storage
    • Xamarin.Forms


Prior the project start Cogniteq had history of cooperating with this Belgium based client. Over the years our team has successfully delivered a number of software projects. The company appreciates our experience in developing custom corporate solutions and our technological expertise.

This project was one of the client's largest assignments. The company asked us to develop a BPMS (Business Process Management System) for a large Belgian corporation (the company name is under NDA).

The task was quite ambitious and challenging as our experts had to design a universal corporate system consisting of several modules where each module would have its own functionality list.

Our development team was faced with the task of elaborating on a web application and mobile application based on Xamarin for Android and iOS.


  • Module 1. Storage and retention of employee records
    Using the application the HR Manager scans the ID card of a new member of staff. The data is automatically recognized, parsed and synched with the corporate portal. Furthermore the app automatically creates a special field with the employee's personal data and then keeps a history of his tasks, deadlines, project statuses, reports, etc.
  • Module 2. Campaigns
    Heads of the Departments or managers can create and oversee the campaigns and assign responsibility for its successful implementation. The module contains the information about employees involved, documentation, tasks, deadlines and reports.

    It is equipped with a task deadline tracking feature which notifies an employee when the deadline approaches and when the task is overdue.
  • Module 3. Organization сhart
    The module includes information about the branches of the corporation, its departments, executive body, heads of the departments and staff. The chart presents details on each employee separately - which department they work in, who is their superior, etc.
  • Module 4. Reports
    Employees can generate reports on the work accomplished. On the corporate level the module helps generate reports for Ministries and Departments.
  • Module 5. AML compliance
    It is an extremely important financial module targeted at checking the employees' activities for compliance with anti money-laundering regulations (AML compliance). The identification of unauthorized monetary transactions is based on Machine Learning algorithms.


  • image
    Now BPMS successfully streamlines the corporation work and business processes. According to reviews from the company it has achieved significant results.
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    The company introduced a full-fledged employee engagement strategy, boosted employee productivity and reduced the error rate.
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    Сompany CEO states that a custom solution for BPMS cost them considerably less than buying an out-of-the-box solution.