Charity organization and hospital websites Arnold Palmer

  • Client:
    Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation, USA
  • Request:
    To build two large websites for content hosting and fundraising.
  • Result:
    Significant increase in brand visibility and awareness of charity campaigns. Boosted e-commerce traffic and conversion rates in the USA.
  • Technologies:
    • Drupal 7
    • Stripe
    • Panopoly with Layout
    • Builder
    • Panopoly with Panels
    • S3
    • MySQL


Cogniteq was contacted by Arnold & Winnie Palmer, the American charity organization. This non-profit foundation was in need of developing two websites as they were seeking to:

1. Promote the Foundation and the Arnold Palmer Hospital in the United States.
2. Notify about the Foundation's actions and campaigns for helping sick children.
3. Report on successful stories of children's recovery supported by the Foundation.
4. Raise funds.
5. Bring Arnie’s Army (Arnold Palmer's adherents) together and expand the community.
6. Keep the memory of its founder Arnold Palmer alive. 
7. Sell the organization's merchandise.

Arnold & Winnie Palmer entrusted the Cogniteq team with the development of two large websites with an extensive internal structure. The team of our experienced developers was responsible for website building from A to Z: we created UI/UX design layouts and provided the development of both client and server sides.


It was intended for the needs of the organization, in particular for the digital promotion of the Foundation and the Arnold Palmer Hospital in the USA.

  • What we do.
    This section contains the information on Arnold & Winnie Palmer campaigns that is divided into three parts: helping children (Healthy Kids), supporting young people (Youth Development), and campaigns for adults (Nature-Focused Wellness).
  • Donations.
    Our team integrated the website with a payment system to drive online donations. Users can make either a one-time payment or subscribe to multiple recurring donations. Besides, users can choose the frequency of payments.
  • Special Events.
    This section serves to announce the fundraising-related events. It contains information about charity golf matches and marches in support of sick children.
  • Join Us.
    The given section provides information about the Arnie community. Here, users interested in becoming a member of charitable projects can join the community.
  • Personal Account.
    The website has the ability to create a personal profile to store user data.


This website is dedicated to Arnold Palmer, founder and inspirer of the organization, in honor of his 90th birthday.

  • Content.
    The website contains much information about the legendary golfer's life:
    • The storytelling blog about Arnold Palmer’s life and values.
    • Presentation of “90 for 90”, the limited-edition book about Arnold Palmer.
    • The history of the Arnie’s Army community.
  • Integration with online stores.
    Arnold & Winnie Palmer has several online stores that were founded by Arnold Palmer himself. Our team synced the newly-developed website with three online stores owned by the Foundation.
    • Beverages. It provides comprehensive information about the famous Arnold Palmer® Beverage, the drink invented by the golfer himself. The section is linked with an online store where you can buy the aforementioned drink.
    • Shop. Clicking on this button redirects the user to the online store, which sells the Arnold & Winnie Palmer merchandise.
    • Kingdom. This section is dedicated to the Kingdom Magazine, a quarterly magazine covering diverse aspects of golf playing. Our experts provided users with the opportunity to skim the magazine online and then go to the online store to buy the most-liked edition.


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    Arnold & Winnie Palmer has mentioned a significant increase in brand visibility, awareness of its charity campaigns, and spreading its messages far and wide among the US population.
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    Increased awareness of Arnold Palmer's personality, legacy, and enormous impact on golf.
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    Boost of e-commerce traffic and conversion rates.