Online therapy web app with live video chat features PRISM Therapy Online

  • Client:
    PRISM Therapy Online, Ireland
  • Request:
    To build a web app that will help users connect with therapists and get consultations online via live chats and video calls.
  • Result:
    We created a feature-rich web solution in full accordance with the client’s requirements. The first version of the app has been successfully released.
  • Technologies
    • React.js
    • PHP
    • Laravel


Our client contacted our team with a request to build a web application that will help patients quickly and easily find therapists based on their needs and requirements and get consultations in one of two convenient formats

The project consisted of two parts. The first included developing a web app, while the second involved creating a related website.


We built a web application intended to match each patient with the right therapist who could best serve that person’s individual needs. The app is aimed at reducing the challenge of finding a suitable professional. The solution was developed by our team fully from scratch.

  • How it works
    • A user completes a free online assessment, the results of which allow the app to match a person with the right specialists.
    • The user gets a list of 3 potential therapists who have the best skills to deal with the patient’s issues.
    • The user chooses one of the available formats of interaction with a doctor: video therapy or live text chat.
    • The user books an appointment and makes a payment.
  • Integrations.
    The app has two major integrations:
    • Stripe. To ensure quick and secure transactions that can be conducted online directly via an app, we integrated the Stripe API.
    • Agora. As video sessions have become extremely popular today, it was important for us to make video sessions on the platform as comfortable and simple as possible for all the participants. That’s why we’ve chosen Agora as a reliable service for building remote human connections. Our developers note that it is very convenient to interact with this service, as it is seamlessly integrated with custom web solutions.
  • Notifications
    The app notifies both therapists and patients about booked, rescheduled, or canceled sessions via email. Therapists are also notified when they are matched with a client.
  • Website
    The website presents all the necessary information about online therapy and the project itself. Its main goal is to increase awareness about the solution and help users understand what the web app can offer them.
  • Client Account
    After creating an account, a user can fill out the questionnaire to get a list of the best therapists. Here users can book, reschedule or cancel appointments, as well as make payments. The account also provides patients with access to their billing and session history.
  • Therapist Account
    In this section, therapists can see their calendars with booked sessions, a list of users who have viewed their accounts without booking, and a session history. In these accounts, specialists also get access to their earnings, which will be deposited to their accounts via the Stripe system.


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    Our team built a feature-rich web solution from scratch that met all of the client’s requirements.  
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    The first version of the app has been successfully released and has been positively welcomed by end-users.
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    Work continues on the project, and new features that will enhance the user experience will be added soon.