Web service to manage multisite platforms The Hub

  • Client:
    Distributor of Penhaligon's and Molton Brown in UAE and KSA
  • Request:
    Development of two online shops and the hub - a common admin panel for operating e-stores.
  • Result:
    Business processes and cost optimization.
  • Technologies:
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • WordPress Multisite
    • PHP
    • Symfony
    • WooCommerce
    • PayFort
    • Aramex
    • MySql


Our client is the distributor of recognized UK  fragrance and cosmetics brands - Penhaligon's and Molton Brown. The company assigned Cogniteq to build distribution  platform for UAE and KSA markets. The goal was to build common panel for operating online stores.

This was a major challenge for the development team as they had to design a centralized web service to facilitate Catalog & Order Management of the products. The system allows the company to manage, create, design and update the catalogs and orders placed at online shops.

The client had the following requirements:

•   Any changes made to online shops are synched with the hub;

•   Different user roles;

•   Possibility to print the warehouse and shipping documentation;

•   Separate stock balance for each country.

•   Possibility to group and export data for orders and goods.



To meet the client's needs, our development team successfully built two required multisite platforms to manage four online stores. We added extra functionality there and filled with content (text, images, customized colors, etc.).


These online stores are operated from the Hub. It is a separate web service on a dedicated server. The Hub makes it much easier to add new products to all websites simultaneously, view the order details, and post discounts and special deals.

The coordinated work of the hub is supported by specific filters that assist in locating the necessary data, importing and exporting.

The hub-based approach and the API implementation ensure data integrity, synchronization, and smooth communication between the client's websites and online stores.
What has been done:

•   A unique plug-in to provide interaction between the Hub and online stores.

•   The Hub interface where a shop manager can obtain the required information, edit an order or the items for sale.

•   Warehouse and shipping documentation print feature.

•   A data reporting system that updates the data based on summary tables containing price lists, location codes and stock balances.

•   An order monitoring system that allows users to keep track of changes in order status and history.


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    The Hub helps customer run the retail network, manage warehouse stocks and control the entire processes more efficiently.
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    Labor cost-cutting strategy
    The shop manager can easily administer four online stores simultaneously.
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    Absence of royalties.
    The client received fully custom solution. As opposed to out-of-the-box software the Hub customizes functionality to meet the client's needs without paying any license fees.