Case logo Online Ticket Sales Platform Evil Tickets

  • Client:
    Evil Tickets, USA
  • Request:
    Development of a large online ticketing platform.
  • Result:
    Evil Tickets became one of the most popular online ticket sales platforms in the USA.
  • Technologies:
    • Drupal 8
    • Webform
    • Search API
    • Apache Solr
    • MySQL
    • Bootstrap


We were contacted by the USA organization Evil Tickets. The company entrusted us to take care of its project as we had vast experience and strong expertise in web portal development. We were asked to build an online ticketing service from scratch.

The project was quite ambitious. The company was obsessed with the idea of creating a state-of-art and exclusive platform for selling tickets online. It was supposed to sell tickets even when the other websites had sold them out. Besides, the company decided to sell them cheaper than the market price.


The Evil Tickets web portal development involved the active participation of the Cogniteq team from A to Z. Our experts created the project tech specification, developed the UI/UX design, and built all the features.

  • UI/UX design.
    We are completely convinced that great UI is a critical part of any software product. When designing the service, our experts kept three foremost principles - predictability, simplicity, and convenience - in mind throughout the process.

    We did our best to make the Evil Tickets portal as user-friendly as possible. The users do not need to log in to the system to order tickets. They should just enter the email address. When buying tickets again, there is no need to re-enter the data as the system remembers it.
  • Access to exclusive tickets.
    The portal provides users with exclusive offers on a huge number of tickets for concerts, sporting events, festivals, and theater performances throughout the United States.

    Our experts created convenient ticket sales service functionality. The security of users' personal data was a core principle of the development.

    The payment system allows:
    • choose the ticket delivery method,
    • apply a discount code,
    • pay by a credit card or PayPal,
    • view purchase information,
    • insure the ticket,
    • confirm agreement with the Terms of Use.
  • Advance purchase.
    The benefit of using Evil Tickets is the ability to buy tickets to certain concerts or shows before the regular sales on other websites start.
  • Charity & Donation.
    Evil Tickets donates a percentage of each ticket sold to non-profit organizations. Our task was to develop functionality to make donations from ticket sales.
  • Hotel booking.
    The Cogniteq team created the simplest possible functionality to book a hotel. The user can make a reservation with just one click. As required by the customer, this section of the Evil Tickets portal does not contain hotel prices since they are lower than usual ones. Users receive the price by e-mail.
  • Hotspots.
    It is one of the most interactive sections on the portal. The Cogniteq team provided the website administrators with the ability to add information about popular and trendy spots to visit in various US cities.
  • Reviews.
    Our experts created a special section where each user can leave a review and then share it on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Blog.
    We developed the maximum functionality for publishing articles on the portal. Evil Tickets prioritizes user convenience so all articles are divided into five different categories.
  • Mailing service.
    As email marketing is a great growth lever to increase sales, the Cogniteq team synchronized the portal with the email newsletter service. Thanks to this, the company can organize large-scale email campaigns and quickly inform its users about promotions, offers, and innovations.


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    Evil Tickets has become one of the most popular and in-demand ticketing portals in the United States.
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    Thousands of users buy tickets for entertainment events on the portal every month.