Optimization of fireproof treatment process Process Management Software

  • Client:
    Fireproof treatment company, Sweden
  • Request:
    Develop software for managing the technological process.
  • Result:
    Significant increase of sales and acceleration of the manufacturing process with further enhancement of product quality.
  • Technologies:
    • React
    • Redux
    • Axios
    • ant-design
    • echarts-for-react
    • react-d3-speedometer
    • Laravel


The client was a Swedish company specializing in fireproof wood treatment and provides services to clients from the construction industry.

The fireproof wood treatment is a complicated process from a technical perspective. In order to accelerate the manufacturing process without compromise on quality the company decided to introduce software to monitor the production process.

The final goal was to secure sales growth due to the reduced time needed for product quality control. Moreover it was crucial to ensure effective document management within organization.

The project was challenging given the specific nature of business domain. Cogniteq was chosen based on our great expertise in the requested tech stack and excellent track record of completed enterprise software projects.


  • About the system
    The software that we developed is a web system intended for internal use and only employees of the company have access to it.

    The system represents itself as a table where all orders are shown in the form of projects. When opening the project the users can view finished stages of the treatment, as well as the data on customers, terms and delivery.

    Currently the system is available in two languages - Swedish and English.
  • Distribution of rights between affiliates
    The products need to pass 7 stages before they will be delivered to a customer. Only affiliates have access to each of these stages. Once the fireproof treatment stage finishes the affiliated persons move the project to the next stage.

    Access to information and statistics is limited on the basis of the user rights. Only administrator has access to all the stages and data.
  • Analytics
    The software gathers statistics and reports. Users can make comparative graphs of shipments, revenue and expenses.
  • System modules
    The Cogniteq team provided the possibility to omit some stages of wood processing as there are products that do not require all stages.
  • Synchronization
    Our specialists synchronized the system with Salesforce. When each project is closed all data is imported to Salesforce automatically. Starting from this moment a Sales Manager can initiate the shipment of products to a customer.

    We also adapted our software to the iCoordinator system to ensure secure file synchronization and sharing.
  • Peculiarities of the development process
    The main challenge of the project was to develop the server-side, especially considering that all production standards were rather strict. The fireproof wood treatment should meet stringent requirements that are regulated on a government level.

    In order not to lose the quality it is important to ensure the highest level of control at each stage.

    In order to ensure this objective we closely cooperated with the customer and studied all aspects of the manufacturing process. We created a detailed specification where we described all the conditions for system functioning.
  • Reports
    At some stages, employees need to prepare reports before approving the work. They save their reports in the system and attach photos for each batch of products. Hence when orders are shipped to customers they can ensure that products meet all quality standards.
  • Project status
    The fully developed system was delivered within a year. At this moment, it has been in use for 12 months already. Currently we provide technical support of the software and on a regular basis and receive requests to extend the solution with additional functionality.
  • Methodology
    We chose Scrum methodology with 2-week sprints for this project.


  • image
    Our client noted that the manufacturing process has become faster and more organized.
  • image
    Thanks to the new software and excellent tracking of the process product quality has been enhanced.
  • image
    In 2019 the sales increased by almost 2 times compared to the results in 2018.