Software product for B2B Analytics App

  • Client:
    Software development company, the Netherlands
  • Request:
    Develop an analytics app from scratch.
  • Result:
    The solution helps companies create surveys and use the full potential of their data to reach their business goals.
  • Technologies:
    • React.js
    • Redux
    • SCSS
    • Laravel
    • Drupal
    • Redis
    • Node.js
    • Highcharts
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL


Cogniteq has a history of collaboration with the client. We had already created a couple of complex solutions for this customer and earned the reputation of being a reliable team with vast expertise.

The client decided to launch a large B2B analytics product.

The product is targeting a range of industries. Different companies have not only similar problems and tasks but also similar capacities. The main idea behind developing an analytical app was to show companies what they have in common.

By comparing your company results and indicators with the ones in similar businesses you can detect your strengths and weaknesses, shape your competitive advantages and understand what steps to take for your business in the future.

Cogniteq had to develop the app entire functionality from scratch including features for data collection, conducting a comparative analysis and preparing reports. Moreover we needed to ensure the possibility of viewing up-to-date information about industries and business sectors.


This analytics product is an app that helps conduct comparative analysis online and offline. Companies can create and store graphs, internal indicators and market data.

Every business user has a web page with functionality that can be set up according to its needs. A password protects access to the app dashboard.

Survey creation

We developed functionality for survey creation that makes the process of developing surveys simple and stress-free.

Companies can:

 •  Apply survey templates.

 •  Add questions prepared by experts to their surveys.

 •  Use numerous features to create surveys of any complexity.

The app provides the capability to appoint surveys to selected users. Moreover to make the app even more appealing to users we built functionality to add tags to surveys.

Our developers included a tool that automatically summarizes the survey results, helps users deeply examine the data, and presents the information in various formats - graphs, tables and diagrams.

We used Highcharts to generate  reports. This service lets our developers set up interactive graphs on web pages.

Reports can be downloaded in PDF or DOCX format making it convenient to organize data in a way to suit the company needs.
Data filtration

All users can filter data and group surveys in different categories. This allows users locate and examine particular parts of data fast.

If the user applies a filter the system will show only those survey results that meet the chosen filter criteria.

The app lets users filter surveys by answers to a selected question, by user criteria or by other parameters (time, fully or partially answered questions, email address, name, IP address, etc.).

It is also possible to use several filters simultaneously and add reports for the cross tabs to see the entire picture.
User management

Users of the app can have different roles. The Analytics app offers the following options:

The global administrator manages all the dashboards, adds and deletes users.

The administrator has access to the admin panel, has the right to set up the app for the needs of the organization and has access to the tools to create surveys and work with them. This user also sets up the tools panel for the visual representation of survey results.

The user has access to all surveys of their company and can take part in them.
Project status

After the app was delivered the first users started to test the product. The Cogniteq team received many recommendations and began work with new tasks to enhance the functionality and add new features. Thanks to these updates the app has become even more UX friendly.

Our software engineers provide technical support for the application. Currently we are also working on some additional functionalities to make the app even better.

We created the following functionalities that help to:

 •  Gather opinions and transform them into data.

 •  Create surveys, tests, and voting for any target audience.

 •  Analyze results using powerful tools automatically.

 •  Export results from the app and import data to the app.

 •  Use these results and make the right decisions based on the received data.

 •  Study the data, apply filters and reports from cross-tables.

 •  Compare reports with industry benchmarks.


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    Users of the app noted that the analytics app helps businesses create surveys and apply the gathered data for their needs.
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    The product has been successfully launched and now it is actively growing and expanding with new features.