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Pet Tech Solutions: the Future of IoT Industry

July 20, 2021
7 min
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The Internet of Things (IoT) has radically improved the way people live their lives and interact with one another. But it hasn’t only affected humans; the lives of pets have also improved.

From animal health apps and tracking activity devices to monitoring cameras or even everyday toys - IoT has opened new opportunities to boost the quality of pets’ lives.

While in 2020, the pet tech market was worth only $5.7 Bn, a newly released research report by Global Market Insights Inc has shown the size of the pet tech market is expected to cross $20 Bn by 2027.

pet tech market size

And such an increase is quite understandable - there’s a high demand for smart pet technology. As a result, most market players are looking to invest in developing such innovative products. 

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the IoT industry in pet solution development, the opportunities it offers, as well as what kind of solutions Cogniteq can deliver in this field.

Pet Tech Market: Types of Pet Technology

The pet tech market is tremendous. And when it comes to taking care of their furry best friends, people tend to spend a lot of money. So let’s start by checking the main types within the pet care app development:

  • Monitors & interactive cameras

Pet monitors allow owners to keep an eye on their pets while they’re away from home. Also, you can talk to your pets, play with them, and even dispense treats in real-time. 

One of the most popular monitoring devices is PetCube. Being a virtual pet sitter, this gadget offers various interactions for you and your pet (you can even play laser games!)

  • Smart feeders

When it comes to feeding your pets, you always have to be at home to do so. Luckily, with smart feeders, you can effortlessly schedule your pet’s meals. In addition, these devices are connected to your mobile device, which makes all the processes autonomous and easy.

The Petnet Smartfeeder is a great example of a smart device that connects to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and allows pet owners to pre-schedule meals.

  • Health & activity trackers

Animal health is what pet owners seek the most when it comes to IoT applications in pet tech. And in order to satisfy the owners’ needs, the IoT market has implemented solutions similar to human devices. Equipped with different sensors, they allow checking heart rate, respiration, temperature, as well as calories, and activity. 

FitBark or PitPat are the most popular trackers that allow you to constantly monitor your pet’s health and activity.

IoT Solutions for Pets

The IoT solutions for pets have taken the standard of pet living to a whole new level. The demand for pet tech solutions is constantly increasing, so it’s no surprise that startups and developing companies have broadened their ways to build in this industry. Let’s take a glance at what IoT solutions have the biggest demand in the pet tech field. 

iot app development

  • Pet wearables 

Pet wearables are probably the trendiest IoT technology, with demand constantly growing. And along with revolutionary development and various marketing possibilities, the pet wearables market has the potential to become the most lucrative business. 

There are several categories of pet wearables, each providing exceptional solutions to the issues in pets’ lives.

  1. Tracking (smart collars)
  2. Identification (smart tags)
  3. Medical diagnostics and treatment solution for pets
  4. Behavior monitoring (bark collars)
  5. Facilitation (temperature scanners, veterinarian appointments)
  6. Safety & Security (GPS collars)
  • Connected pet products

Connected pet products include dog fences, toys, smart pet doors, and other goods that can facilitate the life of your pets. Such devices require only an Internet connection o provide the following solutions:

  1. Entertainment - such interactive toys can help pets stay physically active, provide mental stimulation, and combine it with the rewards system. 
  2. Protection - if you need your pets to stay in the safe zone, such IoT apps can develop a wireless fence or lock/unlock the smart door.  
  3. Cleaning - there are lots of self-cleaning litter boxes that are equipped with sensors and electric motors. Powered by Wi-Fi, owners can use a mobile device to monitor the pet’s bathroom habits.
  • Pet care platforms 

These mobile applications can connect to the veterinary service, various pet care services and provide health monitoring solutions, grooming, or even dog walking.

Also, pet care platforms offer video streaming technologies, offering communication between the pets and their owners.

Pet Apps by Cogniteq

Cogniteq plays a significant role in developing and delivering IoT applications, providing businesses with the most convenient solutions in the pet tech market. 

Together with Bauwow Ltd, our team managed to transform the ideas of creating practical pet applications into incredible software products. Our cooperation with the UK client was successful in creating highly functional and easy-to-use applications for dogs. The main idea of the products was to develop top-notch and innovative apps for both Android and iOS platforms, and our team succeeded in this task. Read on to learn more about the results achieved by Cogniteq.

Dog Tracker Nano

Dog Tracker Nano is a revolutionary application created to make every dog owner’s life easier. This IoT app for smart dog collars is designed to track pet’s movements, record their walking activities, as well as share the dog’s live locations via email or SMS.

app development for dog tracker

Our client’s idea was to combine the GPS system and a regular dog collar to create a device capable of monitoring the dog’s activity. Due to our experience in IoT app development, Cogniteq’s primary role was to increase the usability and functionality of the smart collar app to achieve the client’s business goal of increasing sales.

Cogniteq conducted detailed research to make the application interactive and innovative at the same time. Our mobile development team created an app that uses a small GPS tracking unit in the pet’s collar and can be used on both Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, the application allows your family members or friends to access it and monitor your pet’s activities. 

With the Dog Tracker Nano redesign, the application became more functional and easy to use:

  • Where is my dog? - allows seeing the exact location of your furry friend in real-time
  • Track a walk - you can see & record your pet’s daily activities 
  • Geofence - keeps your dog in a safe permitted area
  • Health & wellbeing - controls and improves your pet’s physical fitness
  • Track several dogs at the same time

As a result, our client increased demand for GPS dog collars and got an incredible sales growth, while the users receive an application that combines the most important problem solutions: health & well-being of the dogs, their activity and walks, as well as the location of their pets. Dog Tracker Nano is now one of the most popular pet solution developments and is widely used among pet lovers.


The Bauwow application was designed for dogs to make friends, find places for pet walking, and find valuable guidelines for taking care of the dogs, but it turned out to be something more. The client has requested to develop a unique social network application for dogs that would be useful, entertaining, and UI&UX friendly. 

development social app for dogs

Our Cogniteq development team managed to create a stylish and functional pet tech solution, offering the following features for the pet-loving community:

  • Health monitoring - medical history, vet’s appointments, allergies
  • Services for dogs - such as “pet allowed” restaurants, vets, pet shops, groomers, etc.
  • Dog’s profile - with all the information, pictures, and videos
  • The daily bark - posts of your dogs’ pictures, news, friends requests
  • Push-notifications
  • Integrated Google Map services

Bauwow has become the largest social networking application for dogs, with over 80,000 businesses signed up for it. It’s not a simple network for dog breeders, it’s a real functionality gem and a valuable handbook for every family with dogs.

Bright Future of Pet Tech Solutions

The pet tech market is constantly evolving, and it’s no surprise that it will become the future of the IoT industry.

So if you’re working on a pet solution development, Cogniteq is ready to help you - we can advise, develop, analyze, as well as maintain the pet tech product for you. Our main goal is to deliver a high-quality app that will have a valuable impact on your users. So don’t hesitate and contact us right now!