Top 10 IoT Healthcare Companies: The Best IoMT Solution Providers

Top 10 IoMT Companies

With the development of Internet of Things technologies, IoT-powered solutions are being adopted in a great variety of business domains, healthcare being one. But to make sure that your healthcare software products demonstrate a high level of reliability and efficiency, you need to work with experienced developers who not only have strong practical skills but also a deep understanding of ongoing tech trends and market demands. 

In this article, we’d like to tell you about the peculiarities of IoT solutions for healthcare and offer some tips that will help you find one of the best  IoMT companies.

What is IoMT?

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) can be defined as a network of connected devices intended to ensure better access to medical data for healthcare providers, organizations, medical staff, and patients. One of the most important features that such systems can offer is continuous tracking of patients’ states and, in an emergency, the ability to send alerts to doctors. This functionality improves the quality of medical services and has the potential to save thousands of lives.

Types of IoMT software solutions offered by IoT healthcare companies

The range of new products that Internet of Medical Things companies introduce to the market is expanding. Below are some key types of IoMT solutions gradually being implemented by hospitals and medical organizations worldwide.

  • Chronic illness monitoring and management. Thanks to special IoMT devices, it is possible to track the state of patients with chronic diseases 24/7 and find better approaches to managing symptoms.
  • Remote patient monitoring. Smart devices with various sensors can check vital parameters, such as heart rate or blood pressure. When any serious changes are detected, medical staff can automatically get notifications.
  • Management of medical equipment. Hospitals can use smart trackers to monitor the location and technical state of their equipment and devices. With this data, they can not only arrange maintenance in a timely manner but also quickly detect the exact location of equipment in case of emergency.
  • Monitoring of psychological state. Special IoMT systems can be used for tracking the condition and mood of patients with psychological problems and for warning doctors when they detect alarming states that can lead to injury or death.

Top 10 IoT Healthcare companies

One of the most important factors in your project's success is the quality of your software, which reflects on your development partner. Here’s a list of the top IoMT companies that have built outstanding reputation in the software development market

1. Cogniteq


For more than 15 years in the industry, Cogniteq has been actively gaining experience and skills in developing feature-rich IoMT systems. The company’s team, which comprises 120+ experts, has successfully participated in more than 300 projects.

Cogniteq’s portfolio includes a series of successfully launched projects of different types. One is a mobile app intended to help improve autistic children's language skills. The application is connected to a special device and lets users record and play back voice messages in different ways. Another example of an IoMT solution by Cogniteq is a cardiology data management platform that is linked to ultra-modern cardiac monitors, offering reliable functionality for remote cardiac monitoring, data collection, and reporting. The solution helps to enhance the quality of cardiac arrhythmia monitoring, increase the accuracy of diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, and optimize document workflow at healthcare facilities.

Given its expertise in a wide range of business domains, the range of services provided by the company is not limited to the healthcare software market. Cogniteq offers outstanding Internet of Things solutions for many industries and is also one of the top IoT companies that work with clients from all over the world.

Key benefits:

  • Direct cooperation with suppliers of medical  solutions and hospitals;
  • Experience in building different types of IoMT products;
  • High security standards and regulatory compliance.

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2. KORE Wireless

kore wireless

KORE is a US-based, publicly traded company founded in 2002. Today it is specialized in developing IoT products designed to solve everyday business tasks. Among the best-known and most successful products delivered by KORE for the medical sector are solutions for remote diagnostics and mobile personal emergency response systems. The team also offers efficient solutions involving seamless integration of IoT apps created for remote and home-care monitoring.

Key benefits:

  • Huge experience in building automation solutions for facilitating processes in the healthcare industry;
  • Executing IoMT app migration to the cloud and re-platforming.

3. Mindbowser


This company has its headquarters in India. It views its mission as supporting businesses in their digital transformation. Mindbowser works with various spheres, healthcare being one focus. The company’s portfolio includes many software solutions aimed at helping patients, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) software is among the core offerings of Mindbowser. This software development company also provides innovative tools for continuous monitoring and real-time data collection that can be integrated into smart medical devices.

Key benefits:

  • Deployment support for Azure, AWS, and other cloud platforms;
  • The use of blockchain capacities in software solutions for healthcare.

4. Folio3


The next on our list of medical IoT companies is Folio3, a well-established company that offers numerous services in numerous industries. Its expertise in medical IoT definitely deserves your attention. Folio3 cooperates with prominent industry giants to deliver solutions that can bring real value to healthcare organizations and patients.

Key benefits:

  • Wide range of delivered solutions that includes but is not limited to smart prosthetics apps, blood glucose monitoring software, and remote patient monitoring applications;
  • Compliance with the most secure modern standards.

5. Velvetech


This software development company, with over 20 years’ experience and headquarters in the US, is well-known for its high-quality eHealth and IoMT solutions. The company delivers HIPAA, PCI, and FDA-compliant products and, thanks to its cross-industry expertise, has developed powerful medical insurance verification software. The Velvetech team builds advanced IoMT solutions and cloud infrastructure that can guarantee enhanced performance for medical establishments of different types.

Key benefits:

  • Hardware design and prototyping;
  • Simple integration of delivered solutions with pre-existing software systems.

6. Contus


Contus is one of the leading software development companies based in India. Though the team cooperates with various industries and markets, one sector it closely works with is telehealth. Contus has built for its clients a huge range of IoT-powered products, including some intended for automating medical processes and equipping smart healthcare facilities. 

Key benefits:

  • A rich portfolio that includes numerous solutions for medical establishments and patients, such as apps for remote monitoring, medical workflow automation, and enhancing patient experience;
  • Experience working with the latest IoT tools and standard IoT protocols.

7. HQSoftware Lab

HQSoftware Lab

HQSoftware Lab is a software development company that has offices in the USA and European region. The company has more than 11 years experience in IoT development, but its services are not limited to creating IoMT software. HQSoftware Lab can create hardware prototypes based on the requirements of the client’s project and manufacture them, in close cooperation with its long-term partner. The company guarantees strict NDA terms and the highest level of sensitive data protection.

Key benefits:

  • Embedded software solution development for gateways, sensors, and a wide range of smart devices;
  • Focus on creating both enterprise solutions and end-user web and mobile applications.

8. Eleks


Eleks has an impressive and rather long history. It was founded in 1991 and today has offices in Europe, the UK, and the US. It provides software development and consulting services, and IoT (and precisely, IoMT) is one of its key areas of work. The company has cooperated with numerous medical services providers and healthcare organizations, which has allowed it to accumulate rich expertise in this business domain and get a deep understanding of ongoing market needs.

Key benefits:

  • High level of reliability and security of the offered solutions;
  • Experience of cooperation with big enterprises and successful Fortune 500 companies.

9. Softeq


Though Softeq develops software solutions of completely different types, it is well-known as an IoT development company with outstanding expertise in IoMT. The company was established more than 2 decades ago and has been actively expanding ever since. Its offices are now located on three continents. Among the products it can build are medication trackers, vital-signs monitors, and hospital automation solutions.

Key benefits:

  • Design of smart healthcare devices and supporting software;
  • Adherence to healthcare security standards such as HIPAA, DICOM, and FDA. 

10. RisingMax


This is a US-based app development company that specializes in building solutions for the healthcare industry, among others. It builds IoMT applications for doctors, patients, and their families, as well as insurance companies, for better managing medical processes and increasing the quality and flexibility of the provided services. The company offers feature-rich solutions that help to change the way healthcare businesses work. RisingMax has hundreds of successfully delivered projects and is continuously enriching its team with new talents.

Key benefits: 

  • Full-cycle IoMT development services;
  • Openness to innovations.

How to choose one of the best Internet of Medical Things companies

When you have an idea for an IoMT solution but don’t have in-house resources for realizing your project, you can hire an external team of developers. The best way to do this will be to establish cooperation with a reliable software development company that provides relevant services.

You can choose one from the list that we’ve shared with you or conduct your own market research to make sure that you’ll find yourself working with a team that fully meets your expectations.

The core points to pay attention to are:

  • the team’s expertise;
  • portfolio;
  • models of cooperation;
  • tech stack;
  • methods of communication;
  • clients’ reviews;
  • rates (without doubt, this point is of crucial importance, but understand that a too-low rate can be a warning sign). 

What are the benefits of solutions developed by IoMT companies?

The observable increase in demand for IoMT app development services can be seen as the next stage of digitalization of the healthcare market. This is doubtless a positive trend for both patients and doctors. Here are the key advantages of introducing the various software products built by medical IoT companies:


  • Enhanced quality of patient care. This benefit is related to the possibility of collecting and processing valuable patient data in real time. By getting a broader picture of a patient’s symptoms and changes in vitals, healthcare professionals can make better-grounded diagnoses and decisions about treatment.
  • Reduced per-patient costs. Operational efficiency and remote medical services help lower expenses without deterioration in the quality of the provided services. IoT healthcare companies can provide reliable solutions that make earlier intervention possible, preventing the progression of issues that can lead to hospitalization and more severe conditions. 
  • Lowered practitioner's workload. The possibility of remote monitoring and gaining access to medical data from a distance can help reduce the number of in-person visits significantly. With a more accurate diagnosis, the risk of wrongly prescribed treatment and other errors is minimized.


With the wider adoption of IoMT technologies, it’s reasonable to suggest that the number of companies offering services related to creating medical software will only grow. However, the quality of their services and therefore the final product may differ. That’s why we recommend conducting thorough market research before making your choice. 

At Cogniteq, we are continuously working on improving our skills and deepening our knowledge and understanding of market trends. If you’re looking for professional assistance to realize your IoMT project, we are always happy to help.