Top 10 IoT Development Companies to Work With in 2024

IoT Development Companies

Today it’s undeniable that every sphere of life and industry is experiencing an era of digitalization that requires a lot of new software tools and solutions. The number of software development firms, including those that specialize in particular technologies, such as IoT companies, is growing constantly. In this article, we’d like to share some practical tips that will be useful if you’re looking for a reliable partner for your project. We’ve also prepared a list of top IoT app development companies you definitely should consider.

What is IoT?

Let’s also remind you of some general facts about IoT technology that will help you to better understand what Internet of Things development companies can offer you.

The Internet of Things can be described as a network of different physical objects that are able to connect with other objects (things) in the network and exchange data over the internet. All this is possible thanks to the fact that these objects are enriched with sensors, special software, and other technologies and tools. If you ask us about the types of devices that can become a part of such a network, we can’t provide you with a precise answer as practically any device can be used for such solutions, starting from simple fitness bracelets, lamps, or kettles, to complex industrial machines.

According to published data, as of December 2022, the current number of connected IoT devices worldwide is 14.4 billion. Just compare: in 2021, this number was only 12.3 billion. Experts predict that by 2025, the world will have over 27 billion connected devices.

The growing number of connected devices as well as IoT-powered systems can be explained by the usefulness of such solutions for both business and private purposes. Connected systems can greatly optimize and facilitate many processes, allow us to manage and control them remotely, and help us receive valuable insights based on the data collected by numerous smart devices.

The complexity of such solutions is increasing, which requires more and more sophisticated approaches by developers. That’s why, when you have an idea for an IoT project and are looking for seasoned programmers to build it for you, it is of crucial importance to choose an IoT development company with an outstanding reputation to collaborate on your project.

Top 10 IoT development companies

Below are some of the best IoT development companies worth your consideration when looking for a partner to help you with your project.

1. Cogniteq

Location: Poland, Lithuania

Year founded: 2005

IoT development company Cogniteq

Cogniteq is a custom software development company that specializes in building IoT and mobile solutions. Today, the company’s portfolio includes more than 300 successfully launched projects for 100+ startups and enterprises of different types and sizes. Thanks to the flexibility of its business model, the company works with clients from all over the world.  Among the industries where Cogniteq has the richest expertise are eLearning, social media, finance and banking, healthcare, and sports. Cogniteq has built IoT solutions ranging from healthcare apps to pet tech solutions.

The company has earned a reputation as a reliable IT partner that provides a full cycle of high-quality development and other related services, from the planning stage to post-release support and maintenance.


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2. Vates

Location: Latin America, US

Year founded: 1991

IoT app development company Vates

Vates has the longest history on our list, as it was founded more than 30 years ago. The company acts as an IT partner, delivering software products and services to global corporations and governmental entities. Among the clients Vates has worked with are Fortune 500 companies and innovative entrepreneurs. 

The portfolio of the company includes smart home systems, healthcare IoT solutions, industrial IoT networks, and commercial IoT products. Around 10% of all the services provided by the company’s programmers are related to IoT. Vates is proud of its team of highly professional developers and says that every year it analyzes applications of around 500,000 candidates, which allows them to choose the very best.

3. Provectus (Reinvently)

Location: US

Year founded: 2010

IoT development companies -  Provectus

In 2019, Provectus, which is mainly focused on AI solutions and technologies, acquired Reinvently. One of the key areas of expertise of this entity is Internet of Things development, and under the new management, Reinvently continues to work in this sphere. The company views its mission as helping startups, small and mid-sized businesses in planning, creating, and implementing their software products, from simple web pages and mobile apps to complex IoT systems. 

Over the years of its work, the company has gained experience in a wide range of industries and business domains, including but not limited to finance, healthcare, fitness, sports, booking, and ticketing. IoT services represent nearly 20% of all the services provided by the company.

4. Syberry

Location: US, Poland

Year founded: 2014

IoT app development companies - Syberry

Syberry cooperates with clients from many industries, but given the fact that many of the company’s clients represent particular business domains, the company has gained the strongest expertise in energy, finance, education, and healthcare. 

Apart from IoT development, Syberry also provides services related to other trendy technologies such as cloud platforms and blockchain. Over the years, the company has successfully helped hundreds of clients to automate, streamline, and optimize their business processes so that they can gain an additional competitive advantage for staying strong regardless of market conditions.

5. ITRex Group

Location: US, Poland, Ukraine

Year founded: 2009

Top IoT development company Itrex

ITRex Group is one more firm included in this group of best IoT development companies that deserves to be taken into consideration when you are looking for a team to work on your project. This company specializes in creating software products for enterprises. These solutions are aimed at helping enterprises meet the demands of a constantly changing market with the help of advanced technologies and innovative apps. Solutions built by ITRex Group offer their clients a convenient method to accumulate data gathered by smart devices and sensors, process them with the help of AI-powered algorithms, and get valuable insights. 

6. Eleks

Location: Estonia, Poland, US

Year founded: 1991

Top IoT app development company Eleks

Over its three decades in business, Eleks has developed more than 700 projects for small and medium companies, as well as huge corporations and enterprises. The company provides a wide range of IT services, including software development, design, QA, and consultancy. The range of industries Eleks works with is practically endless, but the highest competence this team of experts has is in building solutions for agriculture, retail, healthcare, logistics, and government. The list of IoT-related services includes device-to-cloud, device-to-device, device-to-server connectivity, integration of middleware for IoT platforms, indoor positioning, drone software development, smart home system design, etc.

7. Softengi

Location: Ukraine

Year founded: 2009

Best IoT development company Softengi

Softengi, an international outsourcing company, was established as a spin-off of the ICT company Softline IT, which by that time had already been working in the market since 1995. Today Softengi has successfully built projects for clients from all continents. 

IoT development is one of the strongest facets of the company’s team. Softengi is a Siemens official manufacturer and vendor. It develops hardware and software for the Internet of Things systems that stand out from the crowd for their high security. Softengi’s portfolio currently includes over 1000 projects, comprising solutions for the smart real estate market, logistics, oil and gas industry, as well as the IoT power sector.

8. N-iX

Location: Malta, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Sweden, US

Year founded: 2002

Best IoT app development company N-ix

N-iX is a one-stop software development company that offers clients the possibility of obtaining all their IoT-related services in one place. N-iX not only develops firmware and software for IoT devices but can also prototype and produce hardware for such systems. To ensure the required features function correctly, N-iX implements test automation frameworks. The company is also a partner of Wirepass and Google Cloud and has joined AWS Parmer Networks as a member. These collaborations allow N-iX to apply the latest cloud technologies and tools for their solutions. The key industries in which N-iX cooperates are fintech, telecom, manufacturing, agritech, healthcare, and others.

9. Softeq

Location: US, UK, Germany, Lithuania, Mexico

Year founded: 1997

Top IoT development companies - Softeq

Softeq has its strongest expertise in IoT. Its experts can build the entire infrastructure for custom IoT systems, design smart devices, and turn traditional analog items into digital products. The company has experience in building solutions such as consumer wearables and gadgets, smart home systems, robotics, and healthcare IoT products. The team also provides consulting services for businesses that haven’t developed a precise understanding of what they need to change or implement to optimize their processes. One-third of the company’s clients are startups that are creating new technologies, while the rest are enterprises that require software products for their operations.

10. Yalantis

Location: Ukraine, Cyprus

Year founded: 2008

Top IoT app development companies - Yalantis

Yalantis, a custom software development and consulting company, is also among the best IoT app development companies on our list. Key industries the company serves include logistics, fintech, logistics, supply chain, and real estate. As the team provides a lot of services related to programming, software modernization, support, and maintenance, the company can join the project at any stage of its lifecycle and bring real value to the final result. Some 70% of the team are middle and senior specialists who have strong skills and knowledge in advanced technologies. 

IoT projects that Yalantis builds primarily include IoT healthcare tools, smart home solutions, industrial IoT systems, micromobility, and asset-tracking apps.

How to choose the best IoT app development company for your project 

If you don’t have in-house IoT developers and don’t think it’s feasible for your business to onboard your own development team, it’s only logical to look for a list of IoT development companies that provide outsourcing services. Though we’ve shared our list, of course, you can conduct your own research.

Using Google, you’ll find thousands of IoT software development companies all over the world. They may offer similar services and promise you the best solutions ever, but keep in mind that their level of professionalism, as well as their rates, can seriously differ.

Be forewarned that the cost of services shouldn’t be a decisive factor. Often the lowest price can mean the lowest quality. The quality and reliability of your IoT systems will be crucial to your overall business success, and are you prepared to take this risk? Of course, that’s just a rhetorical question.

In general, we recommend you pay attention to the following factors when trying to find one of the top IoT companies that will fully meet your expectations:

  • Expertise of the team (don’t hesitate to ask a company to send you their portfolio if it is not available on their website);
  • Rates (please note that rates may be very different in different regions);
  • Range of services and used technologies (make sure a company will be able to cope with your tasks);
  • Business and payment models available (the terms should be comfortable for you);
  • Means of communication (it is vital to support regular communication with a team).

Of course, these are only basic parameters to consider in the initial stage. While you are analyzing the market, you may define some other points that are crucial for you and your project. It’s also important to communicate with companies’ representatives and ask as many questions regarding their services as can come to your head. This will help you make sure that you’re choosing the right company for your business.

Instead of a final word

As you can see, there are numerous IoT development companies providing services today. We hope that our list, along with practical tips, will help you find the right company to cooperate with on your project.

IoT technologies are developing quickly, making it possible to realize even the boldest ideas. With the correctly chosen team, you’ll be able to create innovative and cutting-edge products.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we can offer you, just contact us via the form on our website.


What services do IoT companies offer?

As a rule, IoT companies provide such services as development, prototyping, testing, modernization, support, and maintenance of IoT solutions for businesses working in different industries. Moreover, such a company can become your consulting partner and help you make the right strategic decisions regarding the implementation of the Internet of Things technology in your business processes. 

How much does it cost to work with Internet of Things development companies?

When it comes to IoT development projects, their costs can greatly vary. It is impossible to provide even approximate figures because they should be calculated based on a wide range of factors, including the specificity of tasks, their complexity, the required tech stack, the number of specialists included in the development team, etc. 

What skills must a competent IoT developer have?

A good IoT developer should be good at coding in the programming languages that are commonly used for building IoT software, for example, Python, Java, and C/C++. Moreover, this specialist should have an excellent understanding of electronics and circuit design, which is important for working with IoT hardware. It is also necessary to have experience with IoT platforms like Arduino and networking protocols like MQTT.