Top 10 Healthcare Software Development Companies in 2023

Top 10 Healthcare Software Development Companies

With the digitalization that is gaining momentum in the healthcare industry, the demand for medical software solutions is steadily growing. Startups, medical centers, and healthcare organizations with a long history are continuously looking for the most innovative ways to improve the quality of treatment and patient care by means of modern technologies. The number of healthcare software development companies that offer their services is also increasing.

But how do you choose a reliable partner that won’t disappoint you and will deliver a solution that will exceed your expectations? That’s one of the questions we will answer in our article. However, before we proceed to it, we will also discuss the best ideas for medical apps in 2023 and share some basic info about top healthcare software development companies.

The most promising healthcare apps to develop

An idea is always the foundation of your future success. That’s why it is necessary to properly plan your project, analyze the market, and study the needs of your target audience before building a healthcare app. There are several types of medical software that are expected to boast the highest demand and popularity in the near future.

  • Telemedicine apps. The coronavirus pandemic brightly demonstrated that people need to have solutions that will allow them to get medical consultations in a remote format. Though since then all lockdown measures have been canceled, the demand for such apps is not falling. It is convenient to make online appointments and get doctors’ recommendations without the necessity to leave your home and spend time and money on a trip to a medical center. As a rule, such apps offer communication via voice calls, video calls, or online chat. 
  • Symptom trackers. Such applications are usually intended for people with chronic diseases. They let users keep records of symptoms directly on their smartphones. Users can just describe their symptoms as they want or they can fill in special forms with doctor’s questions that make record keeping better organized.
  • Weight loss and nutrition. Today we can observe that people have started to pay more attention to their own health and the task of medical companies and healthcare providers is to offer them convenient tools to do it. Among the most highly demanded applications, we should also mention apps that will help to monitor how many calories people consume and how they can adjust their diets to the desired number of calories per day. Such apps usually use rich, continuously updated databases that contain information about different products and users can create their menus and set goals. Quite often these applications are enriched with valuable educational information that helps people understand how to eat healthily.

Top healthcare software development companies in 2023

To make sure that your idea will be transformed into a high-quality breathtaking product, you need to establish cooperation with one of the best healthcare software development companies that has relevant expertise. We’ve prepared a list of the businesses that you can trust.

1) Cogniteq

Top healthcare software development company Cogniteq


Location: Poland, Lithuania, US

Year of establishment: 2005

Cogniteq has managed to win a reputation as a reliable healthcare software development company for almost two decades of work in the IT industry. Cogniteq builds powerful software solutions for different business domains but the healthcare software market is one of those that the company has the strongest expertise in. Today the portfolio of this healthcare solutions provider includes dozens of various medical software products intended for doctors, patients, and organizations. 

The company can build cutting-edge IoT solutions for remote treatment, telemedicine applications enriched with video streaming functionality, VR/AR apps for doctors, and AI/ML apps that can significantly increase the accuracy of diagnosis and the efficiency of the chosen treatment.

Cogniteq's solutions are distinguished by their exceptional security, reliability, and state-of-the-art features, making them well-equipped to cater to a wide range of user requirements. These applications, already in use by individuals and organizations worldwide, have showcased impressive performance. Cogniteq's developers possess not only remarkable expertise in crafting advanced software products but also a profound comprehension of market demands and compliance with regulatory standards such as HIPAA and GDPR, among others.


Looking for a reliable healthcare software development team?

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2) Kanda Software

Top healthcare software development companies - Kanda

Location: USA

Year of establishment: 1993

The next vendor on our list of the top medical software development companies is Kinda which was among the pioneers of the digital health sector. The company has a rich history that started over 30 years ago and since then it has been successfully performing in the US and international markets.

Among the clients of Kanda, there are businesses of different types and sizes, including ambitious startups and well-established Fortune 500 companies. The Kanda team is always open to innovations and is ready to work even with the most challenging medical software projects. The team provides a full cycle of services including design, development, and support.

3) Appinventiv

Best healthcare software development companies - Appinventiv

Location: India

Year of establishment: 2015

For more than 8 years, Appinventiv has been known as one of a healthcare software development companies. The portfolio of the company includes over 20 successfully realized projects for clients from the healthcare industry. The range of the built software products includes diagnosis apps, patient treatment solutions, clinical management systems, medical insurance applications, lab management apps, and electronic health record solutions.

The development team has expertise in building various types of software for automating and streamlining operations at health and fitness companies from all over the world. The company works with projects of any complexity including MVPs, regular mobile apps, and huge systems.

4) BairesDev

Best healthcare software development company BairesDev

Location: Argentina

Year of establishment: 2009

BairesDev is a Latin American development company that works with customers from all over the world. As one of the focus areas for the team is the creation of top-notch medical software, BairesDev builds various kinds of software for healthcare providers and patients with different needs and requirements.

Among the solutions that the team develops, it’s worth mentioning apps for women’s care, telemedicine solutions, pregnancy care apps, and many others. Such software products help to increase the quality of treatment, provide more precise diagnoses, and ensure a reliable channel for communication between doctors, patients, and their family members. BairesDev offers its clients different models of cooperation which can ensure the required flexibility.

5) LeewayHertz

Best healthcare software developers LeewayHertz

Location: USA

Year of establishment: 2007

LeewayHertz is known as a healthcare software development company with outstanding experience. The company has built its reputation as a reliable IT partner for clients with absolutely different needs and expectations. Developers at LeewayHertz have profound knowledge and strong practical skills in working with such technologies as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and many others.

Thanks to their expertise and understanding of the requirements and standards of the modern healthcare industry, the company’s specialists can build cutting-edge products: patient engagement tools, IoT healthcare software, mobile health apps, telemedicine applications, and remote symptom monitoring systems.

6) TatvaSoft

Top healthcare software developers TatvaSoft

Location: USA

Year of establishment: 2001

TatvaSoft cooperates with healthcare organizations of different sizes and can find the best solutions even for the most complicated tasks. The company works with a rich tech stack. The applied tools help it to deliver products that can be seamlessly integrated into the wider software infrastructure of its clients. 

If we have a look at the company's list of services for its customers from the healthcare industry, we will see that its developers can build apps and systems practically of any type that end users may need. It includes patient data analysis and management solutions, medical device management tools, patient care portals, electronic health record systems, and others. 

7) Innowise

Healthcare software development company Innowise

Location: USA, Germany, Italy, Poland, UK

Year of establishment: 2007

This company has been successfully providing healthcare app development services since 2007. It cooperates with medical institutions, healthcare organizations, medical device manufacturers, telemedicine businesses, and pharmaceutical companies from the US and different European countries. The development team delivers highly reliable and scalable products for clinics, medical centers, hospitals, labs, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. The functionality of these apps can be targeted at patients, doctors, medical and administrative staff.

The process of project realization at Innowise always includes a deep analysis of the client’s requirements, as well as regulatory and industry standards in the chosen jurisdiction where the app will be available.

8) ScienceSoft

Top healthcare software development company ScienceSoft

Location: USA

Year of establishment: 1989

The history of ScienceSoft as a software development and IT consulting firm began more than three decades ago. However, it joined the healthcare software market some years later and started working with clients from this industry in 2005. Now the company can boast more than 100 successfully launched software projects built for medical laboratories, clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical businesses, medical device manufacturers, and startups.

The range of solutions created by the developers at ScienceSoft includes software for medical staff, administrative software, patient-centered software, and IoMT-based apps for remote patient monitoring, inventory management, and asset tracking.

9) Chetu

Top healthcare software development companies - Chetu

Location: USA

Year of establishment: 2000

As a healthcare software development company, Chetu delivers scalable software products intended to help doctors and patients easily interact with each other, exchange data and files, track symptoms, accumulate medical data in one place, and fulfill many other tasks. Apart from building new apps from scratch, the Chetu team can also work with legacy systems, modernize such solutions, expand their functionality with new features, migrate data and software to new platforms, and update their design.

Now, Chetu is focused on working with AI tools and ML models. Their wide adoption can set absolutely new standards for medical software, its functionality, efficiency, and capabilities.

10) Matellio

Healthcare software development company Matellio

Location: India

Year of establishment: 2014

Matellio also keeps its position among top healthcare software development companies that work with customers worldwide. For almost a decade, its professional developers have been creating HIPAA-compliant web and mobile apps that are powered by such emerging technologies as ML, AI, and the Internet of Things. 

Speaking about the products designed and developed by Matellio, we should mention various solutions for personalized patient experience, clinical workflow automation, and delivery of digital healthcare services to a wide group of users. These innovative products have great potential to change the model of interaction between healthcare service providers and patients and can fully revolutionize the way the traditional healthcare industry works.

What you should think about before choosing a software development partner?

When it comes to the necessity to select a company that will be responsible for building your medical app, there are several factors that you should pay special attention to. The healthcare industry is one of the most regulated, it has rather strict standards of data security and privacy which will have an impact on the approaches to developing software products. The best medical software development companies are aware of these rules and always take them into account while working on such projects. And that’s one of the aspects that you should consider in advance.

What you should think about before choosing a software development partner?
  • Adherence to healthcare standards. Healthcare organizations always work with highly sensitive information. That’s why it is required to take care of its protection. The team of your software development partner should be certified and proficient in such standards as HIPAA, HL7, ISO 14971, ISO 13485. Before establishing cooperation with a company, always ask about this point.
  • Industry expertise. The healthcare software market has a lot of peculiarities and specific requirements and it is vital for a development team to deeply understand them. To make sure that you will have a highly efficient solution that will address the ongoing needs of its future users, you should work only with developers who have rich experience in this domain and do their best to stay tuned with the latest updates, trends, and changes.
  • Rates and project costs. A financial factor is a crucial one for all businesses. When you are discussing your potential work with a software development company, you should ask a team to provide you with project estimates. Costs are always influenced by such factors as project complexity, duration, tech stack, desired functionality, etc. The more details you share with your potential partner, the more accurate figures you will get. Another factor that influences the costs is the rates of developers. This explains why different companies may provide you with estimates that will greatly differ from the amounts announced by others. It is recommended to send your requests to several companies in order to get enough information for making a decision and choosing a healthcare software development company for your project.

How to choose the best one among healthcare software development companies?

The software development market is full of players and among them, there are really strong competitors, which may cause some difficulties in making up your mind. Let’s briefly summarize what you should do to establish cooperation with a team that will be able to deliver a high-quality solution that will go far beyond your expectations.

Below you can find some features, signs, and indicators that can demonstrate that the company under consideration is really one of the best healthcare software development companies and is worth your attention:

  • The company has a rich tech stack and a splendid portfolio that includes medical software projects.
  • It offers flexible terms for cooperation and can adjust the project team in accordance with your requirements.
  • There isn’t a language barrier and you can easily communicate with a team.
  • The estimated project costs correspond to your expectations and budget.
  • Your idea and requirements are well understood and you see that the company can find a good approach to your project realization.


The selection of an app development team is a responsible task as your choice will have a great impact on your project realization and its further success.  We recommend you carefully analyze all the available options and compare different healthcare software development companies.

At Cogniteq, we always do our best to deliver innovative, regulatory-compliant medical software and have a track record in this domain. If you want to learn more about our services and terms of cooperation with our team, please leave your request on our website.