Hardware Design and Engineering Services

Leveraging our extensive proficiency in providing both software and embedded hardware design services, our emphasis encompasses every phase of product creation, spanning from initial conception to market introduction. With Cogniteq's comprehensive understanding, specialized skills, and in-house capabilities, our clients gain the advantage of accelerating business growth seamlessly and all within a single hub.

Hardware design services

We specialize in providing comprehensive hardware engineering services that cover the entire product development lifecycle. With Cogniteq's abundant resources and expert in-house facilities, our clients can accelerate the growth and expansion of their businesses with confidence.

  • Rapid prototyping & PoC
  • End-to-end product development
  • Engineering and R&D

Rapid prototyping & PoC

Rapid prototyping icon Rapid prototyping
Manufacturing support & sourcing icon Manufacturing support & sourcing
Proof-of-Concept prototyping icon Proof-of-Concept prototyping
jigs and fixture design services jigs and fixture design services
Low volume manufacturing Low volume manufacturing
Mold manufacturing and tooling Mold manufacturing and tooling

End-to-end product development

Concept development Concept development
Hardware development Hardware development
Enclosure design Enclosure design
Product strategy Product strategy
Computer simulations (FEA & CFD) Computer simulations (FEA & CFD)
Industrial design Industrial design

Engineering and R&D

Product R&D Product R&D
Firmware development Firmware development
Mechanical engineering Mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering Electrical engineering
Custom electronics development Custom electronics development
Design for manufacturing (DFM) Design for manufacturing (DFM)

Why choose Cogniteq?

Cogniteq stands out as the top-rated hardware design company in the industry. With our expertise and innovative solutions, we deliver unparalleled results that exceed expectations

  • Innovation and acceleration
    Innovation and acceleration

    Crafting unique solutions for swift market entry.

  • End-to-End partnership
    End-to-End partnership

    Supporting clients from inception to deployment.

  • Proven track record
    Proven track record

    Successful projects across varied industries.

  • Harnessing expertise
    Harnessing expertise

    Seasoned hardware design engineers with vast experience.

  • Collaborative approach
    Collaborative approach

    Client-centric collaborations for optimal solutions.

  • Optimal value proposition
    Optimal value proposition

    Providing high-quality services at affordable rates.

Industries in Focus

  • Consumer Electronics
    Consumer Electronics

    Through our product design engineering services, we specialize in crafting IoT solutions and innovative electronic devices. This encompasses the development of sensor-rich performance tracking devices, comprehensive pet activity tracking solutions, etc.

  • Sports

    In the sports arena, we stand prepared to develop athlete performance trackers, design smart sportswear and sports equipment, and create devices for tracking player performance and facilitating rehabilitation.

  • Medical devices
    Medical devices

    Entrust the design of your medical equipment and IoMT devices to Cogniteq's team, ensuring meticulous attention to every stage of R&D, hardware and embedded software development, prototyping, and batch manufacturing.

  • Industrial automation
    Industrial automation

    Our assistance extends to electronics manufacturers, enabling them to remotely control technical processes, monitor equipment, and automate production lines. This is achieved through the utilization of HMI units, motion control systems, M2M technology, and service process automation solutions.

  • Transportation

    Utilizing hardware design and engineering expertise, our transportation solutions encompass embedded systems and IoT technologies. These solutions facilitate the tracking of vehicle maintenance and downtime, enhance driver security, monitor cargo within logistic centers and warehouses, and improve overall customer experience.

  • Smart Manufacturing & Robotics
    Smart Manufacturing & Robotics

    Enhance your business efficiency and reduce overhead costs by harnessing our hardware design and development expertise in automation. Our comprehensive solutions cover warehouses, industrial plants, production lines, and asset management, incorporating industrial IoT and big data technologies.

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Case Studies

Warehouse robot image

Warehouse robot

An autonomous robot for the warehouses
Warehouse robot image
  • Vacuum forming 
  • Laser cutting 
  • Lathe processing 
  • CNC milling 
  • Welding

Cogniteq was enlisted by a startup with a TRL-3 prototype, seeking assistance in transitioning toward production. The objective was to advance the development of autonomous robots tailored for e-commerce fulfillment. These robots, driven by goods-to-man technology and capable of handling up to 50 kg payloads, feature IP-45 ingress protection, enabling them to operate effectively indoors and temporarily outdoors. Leveraging our expertise, the industrial design of the robot was honed, and the groundwork for small-scale production was laid out.

Smart plant pod

Smart plant pod

Smart flower pot with sensors for scheduled watering
Smart plant pod
  • Multilayers 
  • PCB  
  • Water filtering 
  • STM Light Sensors  
  • Wi-Fi  
  • 3D printing

Cogniteq created a smart flower pot for scheduled watering as well as monitoring air quality parameters, soil moisture, and water storage levels. We designed circuit boards that collect data from sensors and transmit it to the cloud. Six different sensors are connected to the board  - air temperature, humidity, light, water level, and soil moisture sensors. Also, we designed from scratch two custom ones -  the water level and soil moisture sensors to the customer's requirements since off-the-shelf solutions didn't fit the product.

Medical smartwatch

Medical smartwatch

Hardware-software complex development
Medical smartwatch
  • PCB design
  • GPS
  • SMD
  • Wi-Fi
  • Firmware
  • 3D printing

The hardware-software complex monitors a person's vital signs and will call for an ambulance if the person's condition deteriorates. This can save the life of someone who is recovering from a heart attack or stroke when there is a high risk of a recurrence. The bracelet will also provide timely aid to an elderly person, notifying doctors and relatives of their falling health. The hardware-software complex consists of a wearable module, service, and application software.

Smart lock

Smart lock

Development of a smart locking mechanism
Smart lock
  • 2D drawings
  • LoRa
  • 3D Modeling
  • NFC
  • Industrial design
  • Waves and Signals

The smart locking mechanism represents an electronic solution for remotely managing access to various premises. Specifically crafted for utilization in office spaces, hotels, and commercial rental properties, this system comprises both server and hardware components. Users can exercise control over the lock through the web interface or a mobile application hosted on the server segment, as well as via RF (Radio Frequency) and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies.

Motion capture system

Motion capture system

Magnetic-inertial motion capture system
Motion capture system
  • Wi-Fi
  • Optical sensors
  • Signals
  • PCB Prototypes
  • Conceptual version
  • Multilayers PCB

The Cogniteq team developed a magnetic-inertial motion capture system designed for developers of VR solutions and training systems.  The tracker is a modular system that includes a multifunctional hub, a measuring tracking module, a magnetic inductor, and gloves. It enhances the user experience with a more authentic feel, boosting learning efficiency and adding an element of fun to the game.


What is hardware design?

This term is used to describe the entire process of developing and producing physical components of electronic devices, from outlining specifications to testing and their further implementation. The range of these devices is rather wide. It includes but is not limited to IoT sensors, processors, circuit boards, and others.

What is embedded hardware?

Embedded hardware is also known as an embedded system. It is a small computer that can be a part of a bigger device or a broader system. It includes such important elements as a built-in microcontroller or microprocessor and dedicated software. They allow the device to perform a particular function that it was intended for.

What are the hardware design processes?

Different engineering teams may have different approaches to flow organization but as a rule, hardware design always includes several steps. They are ideation and requirement specification, prototyping, design, manufacturing, and testing. The next stages are mass production (if it is required), distribution, use, maintenance, and further disposal.

What are the benefits of using Cogniteq's hardware design services?

Cogniteq started its business journey in 2005 and since then our team has been accumulating expertise in various spheres, including IoT and hardware design. Today, we can deliver highly innovative solutions powered by the latest technologies and time-proven approaches. We offer flexible terms of cooperation and the most reasonable price-quality ratio.