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Incorporated in 2005 and based in Minsk, Belarus, Cogniteq is a professional software agency. It helps businesses by providing expertise and resources to produce solutions that stand out and build teams that seamlessly integrate into their organization and infrastructure.

 Cogniteq specializes in developing mobile solutions for iOS and Android platforms and web solutions using .NET, PHP, Java, and JS. Cogniteq embraces a complete project development cycle, from concept illustration and UI design to development, testing and stabilization, and product delivery. Their expertise incorporates healthcare, entertainment, banking, retail telecommunications, real estate, and a few other industries.

 Cogniteq's strength stems from the professional team, practical development approaches, and well-organized communication method. More than 80 in-house employees add to the success of Cogniteq. They follow the market trends and blend new technologies in the products. Cogniteq's goal is to improve its expertise further in mobile and web technologies.

 The GoodFirms' team interviewed Mikita Kot, the CEO of Cogniteq, who mentions that the firm has accomplished 300+ successful projects for 100+ service & product-based businesses and startups.

 The company administers a broad range of mobile and web development services, focusing on IoT and Healthcare solutions. Cogniteq's is headquartered in Lithuania and has many offices in Eastern Europe. The company took its first footsteps into the market more than 15 years ago and has exhibited steady and continuous growth ever since.

 Mikita proudly mentions that the team now includes more than 100 talented developers and works with global customers. Talking about the notion behind starting the company, Mikita cites that he joined Cogniteq as Head of the Sales Department when the company had already developed strong expertise in producing mobile apps.

 The market for mobile solutions was skyrocketing, and Cogniteq was one of the first companies in the region to present both iOS and Android app development services. The inflation in mobile solutions gave Cogniteq the supplies and opportunities to broaden its capacities and expand into whole new fields.

 When asked about the flourishing services, Mikita describes the IoT and mobile app development services rendered to its customers at national and international levels.

Cogniteq's experience with solutions lies on par with external devices, and complex ecosystems allow it to outshine in delivering Internet of Things applications and how the clients' products function. The professionals cater to clients with complete security of data, compliance with industry standards, and excellent scalability services that distinguish Cogniteq on the market.

 The expert engineers provide services for developing IoT applications to businesses from various industries, including eLearning, healthcare, finance, etc. The specialists profoundly analyze each sphere's needs and modern essentials to deliver a solution that will provide real value for clients and their users.

 Mikita asserts that the goal is not limited to developing a functioning IoT application but also producing a solution that brings value. The team aspires to achieve the clients' business objectives to get a high ROI on the IoT work delivered.

 Thus, backed by a team of skillful developers giving the best IoT solutions to clients enhancing their respective businesses endows Cogniteq to grab a secure position amongst the top IoT developers in Lithuania at GoodFirms.

 The review displayed below is evidence of the quality service offerings rendered by Cogniteq.



Continuing further, Mikita mentions that all the solutions developed at Cogniteq are built by in-house employees only. The team thinks contracting freelancers’ on-demand basis makes it hard to ensure the desired result.

 Furthermore, freelancers lack company mission and are more intense on earning here and now, whereas Cogniteq's approach is to building client relationships varies. The professionals focus on creating a long-term partnership that is mutually beneficial to the growth and success of both parties.

 Cogniteq's well-vetted developers are aware of every risk and accountable for every decision they make and are working vigorously every day to maintain a top-notch reputation by building a relationship of trust, responsibility, and solid communication with every client.

 Mikita further explains that Cogniteq provides full-cycle mobile app development services - from the early conception to UI/UX design, app development, and support. The clients trust Cogniteq with advancing their apps from scratch and update of the existent products.

 Based on the project requirements, target audience, app functionality, and budget, Cogniteq's mobile developers discuss and develop either native applications or utilizing one of the cross-platform technologies.

 Thus, making sure the apps perform and look the same on all types of devices would soon endow Cogniteq to get dubbed as one of the top mobile app development service providers at GoodFirms.

 The review obtained at GoodFirms confirms the quality of apps developed at Cogniteq.


 In conclusion, Mikita divulges that one of the main priorities of Cogniteq is to do clear and timely communication with clients. The business processes are fully open and flexible. Unlike many offshore software companies, Cogniteq is selling the developers' time and offering their expertise. The professionals do their best to deliver solutions with the highest possible value to their customers and help them adapt their business ideas to current drifts in the IT world.

 Mikita is proud to say that Cogniteq is a one-stop-shop. The professionals offer consulting services, develop solutions from scratch, design unique UI/UX, and support and maintain apps after their launch. The clients can count on Cogniteq to work with them through every software development cycle stage and take responsibility for the results.

 Moreover, Mikita also works closely with the sales team and has taken a deeper dive into this question by figuring out that 82% of the first-time clients have returned to the company for a new project or update software previously built for them. And what's more, many clients recommend Cogniteq to their business partners and friends.

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