SmoothTalker and EnvirOn

Solutions for people with special needs.


The client is a manufacturer of input devices for children with autism. The company wanted to develop apps that work in par with their hardware.

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Pretorian Technologies assigned Cogniteq to develop two application for their products.

Smooth Talker AAC (Assistant-Augmented Communication) is the application that allows a series of messages to be recorded and played back by users. Simple in design and use, but yet powerful application based on Smooth Talker hardware is ideal for teachers, parents and anybody involved in language development. The application is presented as one or two buttons that change color from one message to the next. It is also possible to add text to any button or photo. 

EnvirOn is the application to control home appliances and devices remotely. iPad connects to the hubs via Bluetooth that are connected to specific devices (lamps, kettle, etc.). In the iPad app users could customize the control centre with icons of the correspondent devices.


Being a hardware manufacturer the apps helped the client expand into the digital market.

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SmoothTalker and EnvirOn SmoothTalker and EnvirOn SmoothTalker and EnvirOn SmoothTalker and EnvirOn SmoothTalker and EnvirOn

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